57522 Marvel Characters DC Copied Ranked
Marvel Characters DC Copied Ranked

Marvel Characters DC Copied Ranked

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DC Stole These Heroes From Marvel
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Fans have been debating which comic company is the best between Marvel and DC for decades. Some prefer characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, The X-Men, and The Avengers. Others love Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Arrow, and The Justice League. The fans that have the most fun, however, are the ones who embrace both companies. There’s nothing wrong with loving the MCU and the new “Aquaman” movie.

What these fans may not know is that these two companies frequently take inspiration from each other. Sometimes, these inspirations are pretty light. Other times, they are blatant rip-offs. No one is upset over Deadpool being inspired by Deathstroke. Some still hold a grudge over whether Thanos is a ripoff of Darkseid or not.

While both companies have done their fair share of ripoffs over the years, DC has some truly mind-blowing examples. Characters like Lobo, Black Spider, and Aquaman are all ripped right out of Marvel comics. Here are 10 Marvel Characters DC Copied, Ranked.

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24 отзывов - Marvel Characters DC Copied Ranked

  1. DC: Can I copy your homework
    Marvel: Sure

  2. Superman was the first superhero comic

    And marvel was made because of the DC concept copied or nah

  3. DCs rips off are getting there own show or movie cause DC want to make them before Marvel's originals

  4. Funny cuz Also the entire x men is a copy of Doom Patrol

  5. Funny cuz actually Captain America was a copy of DCs Shield. Marvel even gave cap a shield as an little Easter egg. Just like how Thanos is a copy of Darkseid and the Easter egg they put on Thanos is darkseids chin.

  6. 5:00
    Bee:i am the first black hero
    Black panther: am i a joke to you

  7. DC created the first superhero so every marvel hero is a copy of Superman?

  8. DC: hey I got a good idea for a charecter captain marvel
    Marvel: hey that's a good idea steals captain marvel

  9. Let’s all just remember who the first large comic- publication company was, DC
    Or as I see it:
    Movies: Marvel
    Tv Shows: DC
    Collectibles: Marvel
    Comics: DC
    Animation: DC

  10. Ghost rider+wolverine=Lobo (the main man)

  11. Marvel:Thanls

  12. It's a battle of who makes the better version

  13. It's pronounced Sub-mare-in-ur

  14. Wow wow, let’s not get controversial. Wolverine was a copy from some riff raft from DC.

  15. When Someone tells me to watch DC


  16. DC did not copy Man Thing if they were both created by the same person, Stan Lee

  17. Didn’t DC become existent before Marvel?

  18. Why didn't fans like lobo for his silly name.

  19. When I think of an Ironman ripoff I actually think of Steel.

  20. Shazam is obviously a rip-off of thor

  21. Could u do a dc characters marvel copied cause there’s like 500

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