57469 The Marvel Universe: A History (Full Story)

The Marvel Universe: A History (Full Story)

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This channel was designed to assist in answering all of your questions about Marvel Comics and DC Comics in an easy to understand way.

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The Marvel Universe: A History (Full Story)

Вы читаете статью The Marvel Universe: A History (Full Story). Все материалы на сайте Two Films, а также и статья The Marvel Universe: A History (Full Story) - написаны специально ждя вас, и мы рады если Вам нравиться наш журнал.

37 отзывов к статье The Marvel Universe: A History (Full Story)

  1. Justin Anderson

    Not my favorite story you tell, but by far your best video.

  2. David White

    Hey rob , u ever notice how most of the comics u explain , lines up with some of history ?

  3. Billy Marion

    Fascism is a left wing idea

  4. Jason Fontana

    Too much extra stuff

  5. Leth Hugo

    liked and subscribed

  6. Boredthom

    I would've payed to watch this

  7. McFuckin AnotherAccount

    Savung this for next time i'm high.

  8. Taariq Nawaz

    This is amazing

  9. Deoncey Clinaj

    Come through editing lol 😂

  10. Calum Magee

    Is it just a coincidence that I never saw Stan Lee without a smile on his face even in the cameos. Such a great man R.I.P

  11. joshua wiens -

    anyone know the song playing in the background?

  12. Prak

    That interstellar theme tho 👍👍👍

  13. Alex Müller

    I deeply wish someone could make this video in German.
    It's super interesting, but with the voice of the speaker and the complexity of that topic there are sooo many sections that are very hard to understand for none native speakers, so it's super exhausting to me. 🙁

  14. Richard Allyson

    Who else caught the music. Fable

  15. ryadh456

    44:02 What's this song I feel like I've heard it before!

  16. Ben McGarity

    New comic book YouTuber Tom the comic book nerd

  17. ryadh456

    Didn't realise how much of a Baller Thanos was with all these chicks!😂

  18. ryadh456

    Everything is connected!

  19. david moore

    I love this video, Thank You for taking the time to make it!

  20. Tyler Roberts

    I would love a Marvel omnibus series that is sort of Bible-ish and covered this stuff.
    Like, volume one would basically cover like the universe origins, celestials, and ancient space tales?
    Volume two would show like, the formation of the gods and such.
    Three would show the developing species in the universe, and each ones subspecies (example: humans, I humans, eternals, mutants)
    Four would have slight chapters for like, old time heroes, like Cap, Namor; Wolverine, etc.
    Five would breech into more modern day, like Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, etc.
    Volume 6??? Would be like, basically having chapters dedicated to the world changing events. Secret Wars (all of them), Infinity Gauntlet, Age of Apocolypse, Coming of Galactus, etc.
    And then if they wanted to go past 6, they would just release ones that had both events in them, and would also have brief summaries of a character’s run!

  21. Smart Kids

    I dont understand nothing he's talking about lol

  22. Spoons Killedpatrick

    I appreciate the elder scrolls music in the background

  23. Jay M

    this is great adds every 4 mins is way to much it recks it before the ramp up i loved this and hickmans ff but now its grating the 4 min interuption

  24. Phillip Reuney

    I too agree that Rob is a Watcher. I love the content on this channel. Your edits in this video are phenomenal and I'm not exaggerating. I'm glad I subscribed.

  25. Alex Davenport

    I know it's a long video but jeeze the amount of ads looks like a bug on my screen

  26. derrin maxwell

    But got damn this was amazing!

  27. derrin maxwell

    This is purely awesome! Egypt is in Africa though. That part was a little confusing.

  28. Alvin Liu

    Should make an updated version of this every year

  29. FMF Productions

    Okay but like how does Galactus walk in space?

  30. Jayden Cruz

    The Bible of the marvel universe.

  31. IZZY JONE$

    Is there an order to buy and read all of these titles to read the Marvel Universe from the beginning????!

  32. Nikhil Philip

    Rob, you're soo good….

    I would really love it if you could cover the lore of Gilgamesh and Archer (Counter Guardian) from Nasuverse

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