57464 Why Captain Marvel Is NOT The Most Powerful Avenger In The MCU
Why Captain Marvel Is NOT The Most Powerful Avenger In The MCU

Why Captain Marvel Is NOT The Most Powerful Avenger In The MCU

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So Captain Marvel is the strongest Avenger, right? WRONG! Sure, we’ve been told by the powers that be that the first female superhero to lead her own film is the mightiest of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios even said it himself before Captain Marvel was released in early 2019, that Carol Danvers is the strongest being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s a tall order considering the Avengers have faced creatures of various sizes, from various planets, with incredible and formidable abilities. Still, if the head honcho of the MCU makes a bold statement about one hero being stronger than the others, we here at ScreenRant take heed. And so, we’ve listened to Feige’s words and scoured the internet ourselves to give a rebuttal of sorts. Here’s why Captain Marvel is NOT the most powerful Avenger in the MCU… At least, not yet.

Whether the Phoenix and the Silver Surfer of the comics can challenge her for the title of the universe’s most kickass being, or the god of thunder himself can pose a threat to the claim that Carol Danvers is the biggest and baddest figure in the Marvel universe — this video will give you what you need to know to make your own informed decisions about the most powerful figures around. Join ScreenRant as we compare the skill sets of Captain Marvel, Thor and other characters populating the MCU. We’ll decide who really is the fastest, strongest and most invulnerable. And, hey, we’re not just making this all up — much of this info comes from the vaults of Marvel Comics. And if you think we’re missing any essential details about your favorite characters, let us know in the comments section!

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37 отзывов - Why Captain Marvel Is NOT The Most Powerful Avenger In The MCU

  1. After what we've seen in Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, should Carol Danvers really be considered the most powerful hero in the MCU?

  2. Wrong She Is You No Listener

  3. Korosensei : Only Mach 3?!

  4. They were comparing Thor from the Infinity Gauntlet comics to Captain Marvel. It's technically inaccurate because that wasn't the original Thor at the time, it was Eric Masterson (Thunderstrike)

  5. Thor has the power of the Odinforce, which when Odin died, passed onto Thor and became the Thorforce. Include Thor's Warrior madness, and Thor is on par with Thanos, or even greater galactic beings.
    Captain Marvel, thanks to Kevin Feige, has the power of feminism.
    Winner? Captain Marvel, every single time.

  6. You got balls, men

  7. Second lesson is to strong women. When you know you are strong, you have nothing to prove.

  8. Captain marvel was one of the wrost movies ever! The movie suck ass!!

  9. but i still love NATASHA ROMANOFF who is just a trained human being with a heart of gold.mia you nat.she is the symbol of what a normal human being can do.

  10. It's clearly stated that in the MCU Thor is no a god.. In the Comics he's a god not the MCU..

  11. In endgame her priority is all but bull

  12. Everyone be like: Wanda is stronger than Captain Marvel.
    Me be like: Wanda only breaks thano's sword but Captain Marvel destroyed thano's ship.

  13. I may not be super up on the times but….the MOST popular character in the comics?? Really Kevin?? Really? Is she? Hmmmmmm??
    And can I just say, WHAT ABOUT HELA?! Villain or not, her power is literally limitless as long as she has Asgard to draw from. And Odin kept her imprisoned while going through life being a badass simultaneously, so technically he’d be even MORE powerful than her!!
    Spoilerrrrrr upcoming,

    The angrier he gets the more power he has, he tears his way through like EVERY marvel hero with no problem and wrecks the entire city in the process until finally being defeated by the incredibly OP sentry at full strength, HE HAS THE POWER of 10000 FRIGGIN SUNS!!!!!
    Pssssh captain marvel the most powerful, bish plz. Scarlet witch over here underrated again.

  14. Captain Marvel: I am the most powerful Avenger!

    Robot who draws power from an infinity stone: Am I a joke to you?

  15. Bro you talk about star lord too but do not talk about wanda why???

  16. yeah Captain Marvel would be 4th in power among the avengers. Id rank them this way Scarlet Witch, Thor, Hulk, and Captain Marvel just barely beating vision. As for Ego, Gauntlet Thanos and Dormammu they would curb stomp Captain Marvel

  17. If she not beat believe she the hottest ??

  18. Thor is the most powerful avenger

  19. Are you forgetting Wanda she almost killed thanos before he called for more troops and she defended herself from thanos and destroyed a stone at the same time she’s a bad ass.

  20. Dark Phoenix vs Captain Marvel? ? I know who would win. But who do you think would win?

  21. Because only Thor went for the head???

  22. Captain Marvel is the strongest and most powerful.
    She is a mix of all avengers and more

  23. The strongest avenger is either Hulk ( read Avenger's: No Road Home) or Thor ( He is literally a god)

  24. I hate captain Marvel

  25. Captain Marvel got casually tossed around by Thanos

  26. Caotain marvel the most powerfull superhero in MCU .But scarlet witch is the most powerfull being

  27. The actual strongest avenger is STAN LEE

  28. What they forgetting, to bring our creator, GOD AND JESUS CHRIST.

  29. CM and Larson should never be mentioned ever again. She is the Person We Do Not Mention, She Never Happened. Got that?!

  30. See how this binary fairy deals with Silver Surfer- Hulk-Thor-Adam Warlock-

  31. Brie Larson big head and just trying assume she's stronger, the sjw arrogance. My favorite the Hulk the true rage of the universe.

  32. Could doctor strange open a portal inside of captain marvels head and it’s over?

  33. Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange are both much more powerful than Carol Danvers, even in the MCU. Thor is clearly more powerful in the comics, but he's toned down in the MCU.

  34. Must suck for Thor.

    Been alive for over a thousand f*** years yet Danvers still more intelligent?

  35. If captain marvel was the strongest i wonder how thor would be

  36. just the way brie Larson looks at people even while in character makes her super unlikable, just eww

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