Tomorrowland – US Teaser Trailer

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Tomorrowland (2015)
In-Home Release Date: October 13, 2015
On Blu-ray:, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere:

Synopsis: Dreamers Wanted…Disney invites you to an incredible world of epic imagination where anything is possible. Buckle your seat belt, as the director of The Incredibles takes your family on an action-packed thrill ride.

Join former boy genius Frank (George Clooney), optimistic, science-minded teen Casey (Britt Robertson), mysterious Athena (Raffey Cassidy) and the brilliant David Nix (Hugh Laurie) in a world of pure Disney imagination. Tomorrowland transports you on an inspiring and magical journey of wonder and adventure to a place where if you can dream it, you can do it.

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Official Website:


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Tomorrowland – US Teaser Trailer

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50 отзывов к статье Tomorrowland – US Teaser Trailer

  1. SuperChrissh

    @jaydreamerz @jazzsinclair

  2. Vinh Nguyen

    in the begining of the movie a little boy tested jetpack and crash into a fence, then stood up with no broken bones walking like it was nothing. i realized this movie is not for me

  3. Robin Carreon

    Thought this was a rave movie.

  4. Noelle Morris

    i love this movie

  5. Hostile Fork

    When she's collecting her stuff at the jail, it says "TTV: 6 NEWS: RAMPANT LOOTING ACROSS EAST COAST"
    Hm, so when was this filmed?

  6. brodiegbr

    Yes George, I want to go

  7. Bas Waaijer

    I watched this movie today. I don't think anything said in a movie ever hit me as hard as the speech that Hugh Laurie gave at the end of the movie. What a slam dunk and eye opener.

  8. Ceejay Leonzo

    wanna know the name of the piano song in the backround

  9. Venom Animation

    this fucking film is inspired to be more spirit

  10. ‫سعود القحطاني‬‎

    يا شباب نبي قصايد

  11. Dr. Elf

    Probably one of the best movies Disney has made.

  12. DieWeltIstSchlecht

    A beautiful movie! Already one of my absolute favourites! So many little details, such a beautiful message!

  13. Nemesis Jax Sand

    New World Order infront of your eyes

  14. Spectacular Spider-Man

    Can we get a Space Mountain movie?


    weird trailer……………………………

  16. Roy Hobbs

    the film critics are way too hard on this movie. It is a fun, cute kids movie. I liked it a lot even though im in my 30's :-)

  17. Jeremy Deibo

    Man i really wish this movie didn't suck. If only it was half as good as this trailer

  18. Alex K

    can't believe how lackluster that was; and to waste Hugh Laurie's mastery on such a dumb role…

  19. iLuckilyMitch

    I watched this movie! So awesome. Officially top #1 on my list with Into The Storm being the second.

  20. lalita samdaengphan

    i really like this movie ! it's feel so good!

  21. Baekhyun

    The movie was amazing! It really made me cry because everything they were saying was true. Our world is dying, and we're embracing it, heck we're making movies about the apocalypse! But I love the idea that if we all come together and start dreaming about the better tomorrow, we can accomplish anything! And that is the future we once dreamed of about flying cars and a healthier green world! Technology that could make our lives easier and better. The movie is very inspiring and I encourage more people to watch this. To those who are giving it a bad review probably did not last long to watch the scene where they showed how the world was going to end but with hope, we could change our destiny.

  22. Derp Fox

    Singapore 2050

  23. César Díaz

    Tomorrowland(Mental illuminati control)

  24. RexiiFX

    Okay, i have read a lot about how this movie 'flopped', but why? I just watched it, and I f*cking loved it. So why did it flop?

  25. Batnat

    I love this movie screw the critics

  26. Stephane M

    This trailer is 1000x better than the movie. This movie suck!

  27. jacoblgames

    Some would say that this movie proves that original ideas aren't profitable, but in reality, it proves that even unoriginal ideas can flop at the box office. It is to Tomorrowland what Pirates of the Caribbean is to the ride.

  28. Bruno Rojas

    quiero ver esta película completa pero creó no esta activa verdad

  29. LE0NSKA

    that scene.. didn't watch the movie yet, but that scene sold me. 0:37

  30. sakura_rain

    after watching this movie, i've been left with so many questions. the movie has confused me, it practically didn't answer any questions about itself. i'm so confused, its almost funny.

  31. Вадим Горинов

    What a motorcycle in the film Casey????

  32. Пантелија «Зачетник» Топаловић

    Great movie!!!

  33. Kay Young

    Call me tomorrow land??????

  34. Kay Young

    I love °The move tomrorrow land?????????????????????☺?☺?☺?☺?☺?☺?☺?☺??☺?☺?☺?☺?☺????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  35. Secret Menu

    I rather go to hell, before I would allow a Disney Company executive into Heaven. Disney Company executives do not go to Heaven, and Walt Disney is burning in hell. Because all Disney Company executives come from the pit of hell, and that is where they are all returning.

  36. Eunice Sibal

    I just watched awhile ago. The graphics are really cool. But the the plot, not so much. I wish they showed more of Tomorrowland.

  37. Sabrina VanKirk

    I wish that pin could take you anywhere-like even Hogwarts or Star Wars ???

  38. Solaar Power

    Special cameo appearance by: Optimus Primal! :D

  39. Giota Emma

    What is the name of the song?

  40. FireStormBaller

    This movie sucks!

  41. Nyana11

    all movies getting shittier and shittier

  42. Arazz Bennington

    if they take the fucking religions anywhere, they'll ruin it. God why people are so ignorants.

  43. Renan Cristyan

    Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike like it!

  44. Melvin Durnell

    find a video comments section without racism brought up. Thank God we die, could not live for eternity listening to people in the land of opportunity cry rivers more than what I'm allotted.

  45. Jiwik A

    In this movie you will find out why is House M.D limping…

  46. Ulver27

    Chick dead thirsty. What does she drink? Coke


  47. Eclectic Jon 101

    Kind of ironic that message in this all American blockbuster is to imagine a brighter future. Maybe if the American war machine stopped invading everyone we might have some kind of world peace and people would see a more positive future.

  48. David Schraven

    seems to be gay

  49. Boneca Devassa

    Esse filme é muitas dorgas riariaria

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