57507 Captain America Hates Captain Marvel 【Marvel's Superheroes Parody】
Captain America Hates Captain Marvel 【Marvel's Superheroes Parody】

Captain America Hates Captain Marvel 【Marvel's Superheroes Parody】

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39 отзывов - Captain America Hates Captain Marvel 【Marvel's Superheroes Parody】

  1. I’m not liking these voices could they try to make them sound like the real ones

  2. Cap vs Cap.
    Battle of the captains

  3. Yesterday at Walmart I saw a set of Captain Marvel and Captain America.

  4. Not funny. Good try though. No that is lie. Terrible try. I usually want to support all animation but not this one. I will give your other videos a shot once I get distance in memory from this one.

  5. Thor is the mist powerful avenger

  6. Unfortunately that is not at all how captain marvel would act

  7. only one captain


  8. Natasha is always first Lady avenger?no one can change it?

  9. First Marvel female to get a solo movie??? What about Electra

  10. I hate you guy’s.

  11. Don't worry Natasha, you'll soon get your own movie☺☺☺

  12. Is this how brie thought she was received, everyone clapping and cheering

  13. 3:03 Stan: Say, “Excelsior!”

  14. Ummmmmmm I think another Civil War just started. Also Jack Kirby and Stan Lee cracked me up. I miss Stan.

  15. Captain American stans powerful woman tho. He would happily pass over the title of Captain instead of being bitter about it

  16. 1:54 capitana Marvel pelea con capitán América

  17. Miles: yo this so much drama in here ayy ayy ayy ayy

  18. Dude black widow is not stroger uh she destroyed a ship not black widow she almost killed the bad guy because he didint have the glove

  19. Don’t worry black widow your gonna get a movie one day

  20. Do marvel vs dc war and starwars dark empire vs marvel universe.

  21. Listen [cap marvel] are we haven Fyn to Night } and when they are fightingnits Day light

  22. Stan Lee ♥️

  23. 1:38 black panther said he never freezes but he just froze

  24. 1:38 black panther said he never freezes but he just froze

  25. Could Captain Marvel lift mjolnir

  26. Peter: they called by there full names!
    Milled: there so much drama here I am loving it a a a a.
    Me:omg there acting like fan girls lol

  27. So funny the embaressed them selfs

  28. I agree with cap he came befor captin marvel so he is the leader stan lee would be mad if this happened in real life

  29. Lies sacrlet witch is the most powerful hero

  30. Miles: Yo,There's So Much Drama Here Im Loving It! (humming the theme in his movie) EH EH EH EHHHH >_<

  31. Stan Lee: Captain marvel aka Carol I'm disappointed at you.
    Capitain marvel: why
    Stan: deal with this man
    Captain marvel and captain america: YOU AGAIN!!!!!!
    me: Watsup dock
    Captain marvel: SHUT UP YOU FOOL!!!!
    me: Let me kill you

  32. Nick fury's intro to captain Marvel sounded like if she is going for a WWE fight

  33. why is it like dragon ball?

  34. Cap A is strong but he's not captain marvel strong

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