57454 Why Marvel Lost Spider-Man To Sony - Avengers Marvel Phase 4

Why Marvel Lost Spider-Man To Sony – Avengers Marvel Phase 4

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Covering why Marvel just Lost Spider-Man to Sony. Spider-Man 3 changes, Avengers Marvel Phase 4 Movie Changes, Avengers 5. Spider-Man vs Venom Movie, Venom 2 Movie, Tom Holland future. Avengers Endgame Aftermath. Spider-Man 4, Sinister Six and the Spider-Man Symbiote Saga.

The D23 Marvel Phase 4 panel is this weekend. Black Widow Trailer, Eternals Preview, Thor 4 Love and Thunder, Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness Teaser and lots more. I’ll make videos for all of it. And more Spider-Man videos this week!

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Why Marvel Lost Spider-Man To Sony – Avengers Marvel Phase 4

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22 отзывов к статье Why Marvel Lost Spider-Man To Sony – Avengers Marvel Phase 4

  1. Emergency Awesome

    Here's my Spider-Man Marvel Sony video explaining what just happened and what that changes about the future of Spider-Man Movies and the character. Post all your theories in the comments. I'll do more Spider-Man follow up videos and the Marvel D23 Phase 4 panel is this week too!

  2. Dave Dom

    Marvel gives them 1billion. So it's reasonable to ask for 50/50 on the next film. But NOOOPE Sony wants more and more. Jeez these greedy companies.. they never get enough.

  3. Rascal2006

    Marvel will be fine if no new deal is done. They’ve got x-men & fantastic 4 coming into the mcu over next few years

  4. Rascal2006

    I think a new deal will be done between marvel & Sony, both sides will loose massively if a new deal isn’t done

  5. Noobmaster 69

    My theory about spiderman 2 and 3 is that its going to suck

  6. Bald Eagle

    Maybe after Holland's contract runs out, we can get a good Peter Parker. And a canon realistic Aunt May.

  7. mahnd06

    Disney and Sony should work out a new deal where they share Spiderman in a different way for the fans. If they make good movies, the money will follow.

    They could use Andrew Garfield as the Amazing Spiderman or a new Spiderman, perhaps Miles Morales, for the Venomverse and keep Tom Holland as the MCU Spiderman. This would allow for a later live action crossover "Into the Spiderverse" to happen.

  8. Mr11ESSE111

    Marvel could lost others characters too if Stan lee daughter wants that

  9. Laura Hugill

    I think I may be the only one here but I think that Sony was really greedy on this. I see no problem in them splitting the box office money in half. After all, Disney is the one who’s making the movies that make billions and Sony just has the rights to the character.

  10. Dennis Menace

    Tom is young and trying his best not to get in trouble if you have a
    teen kid, you can't help but want to get him through this, it's not his
    fault, he's a nice young guy and did a great job


    we hate u Sony

  12. Tyrantofthewind

    Get that Mickey dick out of your mouth Emergency. What a distortion of reality.

  13. Mubarik Mughal

    Asslamo ale kum tq AOA two weeks and
    I 5th

  14. Brieen

    All the money and business decisions ruins the art

  15. Allen Berry

    Spider verse is an interesting idea, mainly because I liked the OG Spider-Man, without the OG though I would say it’s lame hehe

  16. The Prodigal Champ Most Shadow Banned On Youtube

    Disney Spiderman sucks.

  17. Leonardo Da Vinci

    I hate the new stupid spiderman movies anyway. The PS4 spiderman is so much better!

  18. A Bertinasco

    Hope don’t keep Spider-Man Disney tricks trying to make them look bad Disney have now ruined marvel. It’s political messages are for weak backwards folk. They produce nothing but shit


    Sony doing a Spiderman vs Venom is a great idea. However I dont have much faith in Sony single-handedly carrying the Spiderman plot with future films successfully.
    As for the MCU, it'd be incredibly disappointing to not have Spidey apart anymore.
    This collab deserves to live on for the sake of Spidey & the MCU. I really hope they come to reasonable terms in a timely fashion.

  20. Teasijames Gaming

    ;-; awwww

  21. Vladimir Manosalvas

    The only upside to this news is that we might get to see Spider-Man facing off against Venom on the big screen again. But even then, Sony might ruin it for a second time.

    For better or worse, a Spider-Man vs. Venom movie starring Holland and Hardy would break records at the box office. I’m sure Sony wants to make this happen now that they can.

  22. Sir beans

    I know this might be hard to do but.. if Spider-Man fights venom it better be rated R

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