Justice League Movie Trailer 2017
Justice League Movie Trailer 2017

Justice League Movie Trailer 2017

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So I couldn’t wait any longer for a real trailer for Justice League to come out so thought would have a quick go on my day off of making one. Hope you all like and enjoy.

*THIS IS A NON-PROFIT VIDEO and is made purely for fun.
No copyright infringement intended.
I own none of the footage you see here.
All footage belongs to:
Dr Who
The Sum of All Fears (2002)
Thunderbirds (2004)
Batman Begins (2005)
Aquaman (2006)
Live Free or Die Hard (2007)
The Dark Knight (2008)
Green Lantern (2011)
Wonder Woman (2011)
DC Online (2011)
Arrow (2012)
Earth Hour (2013)
Man of Steel (2013)

Music: Ode to Power — Trailerhead Triumph


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26 отзывов - Justice League Movie Trailer 2017

  1. faltou a mulher gavião

  2. Super fake!!
    It most be made in China! hahaha

  3. dont call it the trailer if its not you time wasting cunt

  4. Cool video 🙂 well made

  5. i love the way how you got this from like 50 different movies/series so nice haha thx man

  6. this is fake and batman is not shown in this

  7. in the movie they said it's fan made poeple

  8. great idea because batman vs superman should have been justice league but zack snyder is a retard

  9. If anyone knows what raiting this is PLZ tell meh thx u

  10. I dont think its real

  11. some of these clips are so old lol ?

  12. this is cool man

  13. Dropped my jaw,nice work! But you didn't fully show us batman….

  14. First Suicide Squad movie, later Justice League movie!

  15. I believe this's not official, i'm glad if they release the trailer soon and i hope Arrow is included, i know he has no superpower, but i like Arrow more than Batman or Superman. Can't wait the movie.

  16. Sadly, Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin wont be in the flim, so dont expect to see the Flash and Arrow you know from the TV Shows.

  17. I hope they put SHAZAM

  18. Will Giganta be in the movie ?

  19. Awesome trailer!!!!!

  20. Its actually fun knowing this is just merger of movies.
    Good job making me laugh :)

  21. why does brainiac takes out all the electricity everywhere

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