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38 отзывов - Dismaland

  1. dismaland will always be disneyland uk

  2. i want to go but its stopped

  3. I am definitely going there once I move to England

  4. I know the fammily

  5. More joyful than Clarks Village in Streete with its miserable rude staff and traffic wardens whose joy is to fine customers who've paid to park (in one of UKs few out of town retail centres where you must pay to park) and are one min late. Give me Dismaland any day to that horrid Clarks Village!

  6. Anybody knows if this will open again?

  7. Let's me guess where is it… DETROIT! Must be Detroit!

  8. I want to go there

  9. That is bazaar

  10. Wow and here I am thinking Banksy is just a cool graffiti artist

  11. Is that a real theme park??

  12. That's exhibition at its finest

  13. This amusement park are pointles

  14. My favourite was the cartoonish depictions of security personnel and

  15. If Lemony Snicket designed Disneyland

  16. Is this even real?

  17. Why did my professor put this on the required readings for my masters course?

  18. honestly if it's cloudy the whole place looks depressing

  19. That is really messed up

  20. Wow what a great student project!
    …Wait it isnt?
    … oh…

  21. Someone knows what is the name of the song, please ? :)

  22. is dismaland cheaper than Disneyland???

  23. this reminded me of my favorite book series growing up: Series of unfortunate events

  24. lmfao seems like some place my mom would take me cause ive been begging to go to disney world since i was 8 and ive never been!

  25. They should of named it "see how dumb and hypocritical banksy fans are land" I'm not some critic who thinks you can't enjoy art, but it was insane how blatantly obvious the visitors were proving the points the social commentary was mocking. I'd be kind of insulted if I were banksy.

  26. this is my happy place…

  27. They should burn only the book Farenheit 451

  28. I was hoping for Photonegative Mickey to show up.

  29. Do you have to be a certain age to go?

  30. Who came here after watching "Top 10 things to didn't know about theme parks"?

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