Dead by Daylight: Launch Trailer

Dead by Daylight is out on June 14th! Check out the below links for more information. #DeadbyDaylight



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Dead by Daylight: Launch Trailer

Вы читаете статью Dead by Daylight: Launch Trailer. Все материалы на сайте Two Films, а также и статья Dead by Daylight: Launch Trailer - написаны специально ждя вас, и мы рады если Вам нравиться наш журнал.

41 отзывов к статье Dead by Daylight: Launch Trailer

  1. OkolapisTR

    32 bit pls

  2. Abbo Industries

    on june !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! but…i cant wait 10 months

  3. lasfrom234


  4. Karmine Killian

    Love this game remind me of JASON VOORHES

  5. Minecraft Pro Player

    will this game be a free?

  6. teo Gon

    When you play on Xbox.??? I want this game.

  7. Anson mah

    Friday the 13th! :)

  8. Soy Sauce

    I love this game. Sucks its not on console :(

  9. Reda Lazreg DZ

    i love this game

  10. Adam Smith

    is it comin out on ps4 love watching the sidemen play but I want it on ps4

  11. olliemonster 07

    I was sad when she left the bear trap guy behind

  12. ‫مصطفى عبدالله‬‎

    the game is good i like t

  13. Lord Eddy

    xbox 360 or ps3? i buy incoming ps4, is avalibilitate on console this game?

  14. Max Walker

    Oh I would loooove to see an honest trailer about this

  15. Ahmed Hossny

    its sacry

  16. Thomas the meme. (diamondkid619)

    Reminds me of until dawn.

  17. Jordan Vinicius Alves Venceslau

    kkkk sou BR

  18. Gabriela Marim Lopes

    eu amo esse jogo

  19. shayan this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    with the w raith hillbilly trapped and the nurse

  20. shayan this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I play it a lot I am rank 1

  21. Deniz Demaerschalk


  22. CannedPotatoMelon

    When are the people in this trailer going to be in the game like srisly

  23. Влад Антипатов

    спс большое!

  24. the CoPyMiTh

    im i the only one who thinks that if they make a story mode, the black lady will be the character you play as or make her a survivor in the future?

  25. Тэмур Лепин


  26. Subiectul e facut sunt gata sa-l execut

    o sa apara si pe ps3?

  27. T Jex.

    I like how none of the (normal human) characters are in-game

  28. Agentul de gaming&vlogguri

    omg it looks so creepy

  29. Odin Rivers

    oooooooo dem running animations doh XD LOLOLILOLOLOL

  30. Ksenia Super Kraft

    It's good!

  31. Freda Siddley

    can not wait

  32. Minecrafterin 04

    very nice

  33. Disthron

    I have to say, with a human serial killer I'm not sure why anyone would bother hiding in those designated hiding spots. Isn't that the first place they would check?

  34. wong karyin

    can this game be a movie

  35. Alexandre Picard

    c quoi le lien du trailer

  36. DMONEY_ Gamer

    can u play it on ps4

  37. CoolDude65

    The bear traps tho omg

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