Paragon — Open Beta Launch Trailer
Paragon — Open Beta Launch Trailer

Paragon — Open Beta Launch Trailer

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It’s time to Start a Fight. Paragon is available for free now on PC and PlayStation 4. Download now and start playing today.

Paragon is the MOBA from Epic Games that puts you in the fight with explosive action, direct third-person control, and deep strategic choice. All heroes are free in Paragon with a new Hero #every3weeks.

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This trailer was captured in Unreal Engine 4 on PC using our Sequencer and Replay systems.


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28 отзывов - Paragon — Open Beta Launch Trailer

  1. what an awesome trailer

  2. This is help for the people who cant find Paragon in Epic Games Launcher (Unreal Engine Launcher) what you do is click on Paragon, then at the bottom click install. Bam!

  3. you would get a lot more/and more feed back if you could make paragon a mac game also not just a windows and ps4 game because not many people wouldn't play it on pc4 because they have to pay for playstation plus and the people who own ps4 most probably wouldn't own a computer unless they have another family member that owns a ps4.

  4. whats the song? darude sandstorm = na

  5. Did they buff braum?

  6. lloving the game sofar, its incredibly fun. lacks a bit of build customization but overall very great…this trailer is really awful though. Makes the game seem childish and not so badass

  7. Soo all Twin blast can do now is die right?

  8. Anyone know the music in this video ? btw Darude-Sandstorm retards stay away from this comment !

  9. Paragon has some of the coolest abilities in any game I've played, more so the Ults

  10. Y'all vets can't feast on me just yet. Imma hide among the bots for a little bit…

  11. Gideon is my favourite tbh

  12. Will it be free when it comes out?

  13. Anyone know the Song?!

  14. Whois is singer in this song

  15. Please paragon, release this on Xbox!

  16. Are you idiots going to fix Match Making or is it still going to be a joke for months to come? I sure do love being paired with brand new fucking idiots that can't tie their own shoes. Good job epic.

  17. Game looks amazing graphic wise. Looks like what Smite is, a moba+fps combo.

  18. What's the music?

  19. is that Sky Williams' voice?

  20. WHAT THE SONG CALLED!!!!!!!!!


  22. Is it like league of legends?

  23. what's the song called?

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