Kevin Can Wait (First Look Preview)
Kevin Can Wait (First Look Preview)

Kevin Can Wait (First Look Preview)

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Kevin James is back in the hilarious new comedy ‘Kevin Can Wait’. He plays a newly retired police officer. During his retirement, he looks forward to spending more time at home with his wife and three kids. However, he soon discovers that the challenges he faces at home with his family are much tougher than what he had faced on the job.

‘Kevin Can Wait’ premieres this fall on CBS.


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34 отзывов - Kevin Can Wait (First Look Preview)

  1. King of Queens and Becker were the Funniest sit-coms back in the early 00's.

  2. KOQ twards the end got boring and overdone and this is just a sad grasp at trying to bring back KOQ fans who didnt see the writing on the wall. Soz buts this is boring, unfunny and painfully predictable. The only good thing that ever came out of KOQ was Leah. Kevin on the other hand is a self absorbed rude no-talent who's dislike of his fans is becoming well known.

  3. Thomas Wolfe was right.They should put the copies of this in a bonfire.

  4. Not to funny, highly disappointed.

  5. To the naysayers: if you were a Home Improvement fan and felt that Tim Allen wouldn't work with another on-screen wife, did you give Last Man Standing a chance? It took a few episodes to find its feet, and now really works. The chemistry in this looks pretty good for a brand new show.

  6. as stupid as everything kevin james has done

  7. suck. where's Carry

  8. After such a fantastic tv show as King of Queens, I could never picture Kevin with another woman, (tv acting related). Its sad Leah Remini is not on this show. I dont think this show will be a great hit, prob just one season… too many people seem to want Doug and Carrie back together in a tv show. Nonetheless, my best wishes to Kevin for this new Show ?


  10. Its a funny laugh out loud show..

  11. Would be better with a non-Disney wife! Should think of someone older! And daughter in college? Why can't she be a single girl living next door? So Mom and Dad can spy.

  12. This show and Man with a Plan should have a crossover!

  13. kevin should work in some arthur…Spencer…deacon …on the show…some kind of way….!!!

  14. No chemistry between any of them.. What load of shit bring back koq please

  15. The only thing fun I took away from this was the combination of Go Karts and Paint Balling. That's genius! Just a quick question So is driving by shooting at other drivers considered a drive by??? lmao

  16. I tried watching the pilot. Couldn't bear to watch the whole episode. So yeah, Kevin James is done…….

  17. I love Kevin but I didn't like this show. I want KoQ. Not a rip off KoQ :(

  18. Kevin James is still funny but that wife seems so typical, I want leah back

  19. it looks like a fun show, had me laughing. especially when he over eats hahahah he ate four burgers instead of sharing, im dead hahaha

  20. I tried to watch and within minutes I quickly got bored and found all the cast but Kevin rather dull. The plot lacks luster as well. I predict that this show won't make it past season 2 at the most. This is a far cry from Kings of Queen.

  21. he looks not a day older than where he left off in season 9 king of queens

  22. what's the song at roughly 1:10 called?

  23. What a load of crap .Fat guy ,two chunky kids and a wife who is slim and good looking .Must have put her in for the male viewers to keep their attention .And a stupid laughter track that some one forgot to switch of .Cancel please .One episode is one to many .

  24. sorry but this looks AWFUL… none of the jokes were funny.. it looked way too forced… why would Kevin, a talented actor want to do this crap…  why not something different..

  25. I loved the king of Queens but after hearing what kind of prick Kevin James is in real life towards his fans I'm not or can't or won't support that fat tub of lard no longer

  26. Getting Cancelled.

  27. Why not just resume KOQ. Leah Remini's bitchiness was way funnier than this wife and Jerry Stiller is gold.

  28. arthur and carrie are missing

  29. Not even remotely funny. If it wouldnt be for Jerry, KOQ would have been nothing.

  30. I watched it last night and it was really good. We just need to give it a chance.

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