INFERNO – Teaser Trailer (HD)

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#InfernoMovie – In Theaters October 28

Academy Award® winner Ron Howard returns to direct the latest bestseller in Dan Brown’s (Da Vinci Code) billion-dollar Robert Langdon series, Inferno, which finds the famous symbologist (again played by Tom Hanks) on a trail of clues tied to the great Dante himself. When Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, he teams up with Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones), a doctor he hopes will help him recover his memories. Together, they race across Europe and against the clock to foil a deadly global plot.

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INFERNO – Teaser Trailer (HD)

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45 отзывов к статье INFERNO – Teaser Trailer (HD)

  1. wakemore27

    I see the elevator blood from "The Shining" makes a cameo…

  2. Seth Cabasi

    Was it really difficult to find a blond woman?

  3. Alex Armani

    The death star plans are not in the main computer

  4. Andrew Quinlan

    He created a plague

  5. Nikhil tripathi


  6. jldriver02

    plot twist the plague is actually AIDS

  7. Chronos

    Is that medivh?

  8. RRK93 HaloHa

    Jsuis venu voir le trailer parsceque j'ai remarque Omar si

  9. TheMrBigBadBrad

    it literally is angels and demons.

  10. The Joker

    I hope the movie is good as the book because the book was absolutely amazing !!!

  11. Moon Lover

    Movie is coming out…when?

  12. Satyam Shree Sinha

    He is not Robert Langdon
    God why?????!
    The person playing his role is the very reason I have not watched any of the movie adaptations!!!

  13. Dean Santos

    era ouy eno fo su?
    Comment "INFERNO"

  14. zeynep deniz gündoğan

    I dont know why but I really really loved that catrovacer part at the end of the video ?

  15. Joe John

    sucks !!!! davinci code 2 !!! such a shame !!!

  16. Jennifer Kieljan

    Why the hell Sienna has brown hair?! She's supposed to be blonde and she is also not Langdon's doctor… I hope they didn't change other things.

  17. LilyJoey Adams卌


  18. Berakah Berry


  19. Rebecca Shanmugam

    I liked the book alot, I hope the movie can live up to it – there were just somethings that the movie wont be able to do – like the part where everyone thought the guy was gay but actually… I cant wait to see hpow the movie does that part.

  20. diyah ValeAKTF

    why the lost symbol not made a movie??

  21. Eileen Cole

    Thanks Philip, certainly a teaser trailer to Inferno. SO looking forward to the film, thanks so much for the invite, a super birthday gift. XX

  22. Guinizelli777

    WOW! I'm looking forward to it!

  23. lolbot

    meh…looks like batmas vs superman will remain the best of 2016..jog on

  24. Sidney Tan

    oh so this is the book where he finds out everyone is pranking him or something liddat at the end

  25. Jesus Palacios

    no se supone que sienna brook es rubia?

  26. Nicholas Vettese

    I hope that this movie stays truer to the book that Angels and Demons did. Angels and Demons had almost nothing to do with the book, and what they ruined, wouldn't have added anything to the movie in terms of time

  27. Ali Cina

    We get so many movies about people dying and getting extinct and kinda scares me that people who control the planet might actually have started doing it because to them we don't mean anything and since all these wars are getting worse and worse day by day

  28. Trini Barbato

    Deception Point please! hahaha!

  29. Matheus Alves

    I love the book Inferno and all that history of Robert Longdon and Sienna, of book Sienna are was more beautfull

  30. Matheus Alves

    Quando o filme será lançado no Brazil?

  31. Norton199

    I have a question… why is Sienna Brooks dark haired for god's sake?!

  32. mariam habil

    where is the blonde hair and the ponytail that moves from one side to another as she walks ?

  33. vivek chaudhary

    did i saw irfan khan in trailer??

  34. Peter Zonis

    i dreamt that everything will burn.

  35. Cherian Johny

    This should have been the only trailer

  36. Leo Vamp Werewolf

    This is so ridiculous, Sienna o Felicity is a blonde girl, Robert never was in the water with the virus, this looks like a fake story

  37. Richard68434

    Had me interested until I realized it's about some virus be used to reduce population cliche overdone plot

  38. HeadingForTomorrow

    It's Irrfan Khan again, hopefully he is not playing another westerner, because he should stick to acting as Indian in India or Pakistan. It just feels out of pace, like Jurassic World, it didn't feel right to most people. Slumdog and Life of Pi were however great.

  39. Hakan Kocatepe

    Sienna's hair color is wrong

  40. Indera Sadana Wibawa

    felicity jones as dr. felicity sienna brooks :v

  41. Fabrizio Iobbi

    i will never know why…why they make film without respect the original book and change everything…

  42. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    I hate the Inferno Map

  43. Indera Sadana Wibawa

    in cast where is Ferris??? Sienna's hair color is not yellow?

  44. Memorex996

    When will they make the actual inferno into a movie. But one that's true to the book and not actually full of over the top cgi and "horror" stuff.

  45. Brian Lam

    A commercial for a commercial. Great.

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