Easy | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
Easy | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Easy | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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Easy is an anthology series from creator Joe Swanberg that explores diverse Chicago characters as they fumble through the modern maze of love, sex, technology and culture. The eight-episode series, written and directed by Swanberg, features Orlando Bloom, Malin Akerman, Jake Johnson, Marc Maron, Dave Franco, Hannibal Buress, Emily Ratajkowski, Michael Chernus, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Aya Cash, Jane Adams, Elizabeth Reaser, Evan Jonigkeit, Aislinn Derbez, Mauricio Ochmann and more. Easy Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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Easy | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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35 отзывов - Easy | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  1. Pleaseeeeeeee put out another season!

  2. i only watched the Orlando bloom ep bc reasons.. and let me tell you there was literally no story. not even a cheesy one. just a bunch of sex scenes and cut. they don't even try to hide the fact that this is shit.

  3. This show managed to be less exciting than watching paint dry. If I wanted to watch a bunch of self servicing boring hipsters stuck at a 90s mindset, doing nothing while navigating through nothing in order to achieve nothing, I'd watch Portlandia, at least they are making fun of themselves rather than taking their soulless existence seriously. And of course the third person in a threesome had to be a girl, right? "cause the show is so "modern".

  4. More hipster nonsense

  5. it's like a mumble-core high maintenance with sex instead of weed

  6. debating watching this now just because dave franco is in it lol

  7. only watching this for kiersey , is she in every episode??

  8. someone could tell me who sings the song that closes the 5th chapter??? I am going crazy if I can't find out

  9. I'm in love w Kiersey Clemons

  10. it's funny. everyone here is commenting how they already hate the show and half (or more) haven't seen it. but the ones who are commenting good things actually saw it.

  11. Watching this right now just because Kiersey!! I love her. Lol

  12. This show is so fucking degenerate.

  13. is this worth watching?

  14. So they found a way to condense every shitty indie movie of the last 5 years in to a Netflix series.

  15. Millennial's don't want this trash. They never did.  Nor does really anyone. Hollywood and entertainment television is all about breaking up the family unit. It is so obvious now.  And this is the reason why ratings are atrocious for Hollywood movies.  Hollywood keeps coming out with the same themed movie. They portray the man as some bimbo with no job (usually Adam Sandler plays this role). Then they portray the female as some smart hardworking Queen. The woman usually cheats and things end happily ever after, lololololol. This trash never lasts on TV.

  16. Just watched all episodes back to back, its different because its so real and raw but its new and refreshing i really liked it

  17. Ohh this commercial didn't do this show justice. It portrays the show as a silly comedy, when all the episodes were really bitter sweet, sometimes really dark, and made you think deeply about the characters situations. This trailer makes this show look like FRIENDS but its far from it.

  18. great. more degeneracy. I wonder which ((( group ))) of people could be behind this

  19. Maybe if you didn't have an Anime avatar and left the house in search of companionship once in a while you could relate to sex as an adult human being too…

  20. Some of yall really need to just stfu nd just watch the god damn show. If yall dumbasses are so tired of watching a sex/relationship show then mabye you should get ya dumbasses off your phone and creat your own shit………………..o yeah ur not? Didn't think so.. i dont think ur little 8$ a month will be any kind of impact compared to the other millions of people who actually take the time nd invest the money they have to watch something they clearly invested in for 8$ a month….

  21. Gugu Mbatha-Raw is the most beautiful woman in the world

  22. saw maron on trailer, thought he was part of the cast got dissapoint when saw he wasn't. See dave franco, mood killed.

  23. episode 5 name of thw outro song anybody?

  24. At first Orlando Bloom sighting my brain said, "Oh no poor Orlando has been reduced to this?" Then I realized the only time he was ever cool was in the LOTR in a role where he never says a word. Then I realized Oh yeah he actually sucks. then I thought… good for him, he got another job!!!!!

  25. I'll watch it for the lesbians

  26. this is unfair for desperate alone people like me

  27. Or you could just watch Aya Cash in 'You're the Worst' for a genuinely funny and touching relationship comedy.

  28. I actually really enjoyed this series. But does anyone know what that song is?

  29. I am 33. I don't know a single person like the people in this movie. People mainly just talk about their families, friends, sports, or tv shows. No one talks about sex because that's an intensely private matter. We also don't try to constantly win some imaginary gender battle. We just relax and enjoy each other's company like normal humans. More than anything, we are nice and polite to each other.

  30. the actual show is way different than what the trailer. The trailer makes it seem waaaaay different.

  31. Apparently black people don't live in Chicago anymore? It's all suburban white hipsters struggling with sex.

  32. good cast but idk….

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