Titanfall 2 Single Player Cinematic Trailer

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Pilot and Titan unite to overcome overwhelming odds in the highly anticipated Titanfall 2. Experience Titanfall 2’s brand new Single Player campaign dropping on October 28th.

Pre-order Titanfall 2 today and get access to Angel City Map 3 days early: http://x.ea.com/6467

Titanfall 2 Single Player:

Titanfall 2 Titans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHvoaAAhGno&list=PLaeNmk1THKrUUJCcKAu98owZxOof5aute&index=1 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhDe315kKqY&index=1&list=PLaeNmk1THKrUHRG2DJsyXJ3d21lz6vbgf)

Titanfall 2 will be available on October 28 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Origin for PC


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Titanfall 2 Single Player Cinematic Trailer

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21 отзывов к статье Titanfall 2 Single Player Cinematic Trailer

  1. Berkay Atik

    i hope my gtx750 will run this thing

  2. Russell Zen

    It's been a while since the world got a good sci-fi game. And from the creators of Modern Warfare 1 before Activision fucked them and made them leave to make Respawn Entertainment. I can't wait for the single player component of Titanfall 2 now.

  3. King Of Heroes

    they need to amp up that recoil on that spitfire seriously im seeing u guys still haven't done that. for all that u should of left the carbine alone. its an LMG weapon with no recoil that makes no sence

  4. Brandon Ling

    Name of the trailer music, please?

  5. Prodgaming

    inb4 we only get 3 pistols and 3 titans like the first game, hooray for lack of content!

  6. James Woodbury

    I Love My Titanfall! This is the NEW HALO series! Respawn has listened to their fanbase (mostly) and if they did this one right, they will have a new hit series!

  7. arillwiltker

    Holy Shit! Can we please get a movie out of this?!

  8. Patrick Flores

    Overwatch: Before the Fall

  9. Ethan A

    Who is the good and who is the evil, Militia or IMC

  10. Zayed SaiLoR

    infinite warfare is better

  11. shizyninjarocks

    Gundam Wing, right?

  12. Vincent Lawe

    286 people were the robot that got impaled lol

  13. xFusionz 619

    fuck halo titanfall all the way halo dead now bungie moved on and there no way im going back to 343 they don't care about the fans

  14. GamerReaper115

    Why are the designers bring the smart pistol back? it's just going to help noobs be dicks again. remove the smart pistol from Titanfall 2!!!

  15. AlphaTest

    Still can't believe it's Source Engine
    Valve, it's time to learn something about your engine.

  16. COD4Fetish

    soooo hawt

  17. Combustible Toast / Sdr908

    Give it to me

  18. knowpainnow

    can we please get like more weaponry and mods for them like Dule Mag or heavy different rifeling.. maybe different receivers I'd just like more of an aresonal to play with

  19. Charlie Gamer

    I can't wait to play this game!!!

  20. Hunter Hayes

    now i want a titan

  21. Bezerk-z

    Beautiful. ;__;

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