Star Wars Rebels Season Three Trailer (Official)
Star Wars Rebels Season Three Trailer (Official)

Star Wars Rebels Season Three Trailer (Official)

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Get your first look at the new season of Star Wars Rebels, featuring the return of characters both new and familiar from both sides of the rebellion.

Star Wars Rebels Season Three premieres September 24th at 8:30 pm ET/PT.

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41 отзывов - Star Wars Rebels Season Three Trailer (Official)

  1. Look idk how much star wars means to everyone, but I grew up in a very poor family and star wars was all I had and I cant help but cry when I see Thrawn. Anyone feel the same?

  2. thrawn sounds like palatine

  3. 1:06 Wait, droids? Whut? Oh, boy. Sighs This is the Clone Wars all over again… :/

  4. So I read most of the comments before making my own. turns out, no one has mentioned that Dash Rendar's ship is in this trailer a couple of times. I wonder if they are making him canon or creating a character like him. For those who aren't aware, Dash Rendar is a main character from the Shadows of the empire video game.

  5. When I Ezra said:"The key to destroy the Sith!" , in the first i watched the trailer i heared:"Why dont you let me destroy the Sith?"

  6. Am I the only one that realized ventrass was in the trailer?!?!?!

  7. Will you add in Star Wars rebels the tie striker

  8. 0:19
    How the hell does that not slice him in two

    Oh yeah, disney.

  9. Sabine's using the darksaber!!! Awesome!

  10. Oh my god Wedge Antilles and Grand Admiral Thrawn, two of my favourite caracters, coming to the show. I love it. Now we just need Obi Wan back to face Maul in an epic end battle, to destroy Mauls dark plans and finally get revenge for Qui-Gon!

  11. This show dies not loom good at all

  12. Wait, is this Ahsoka's symbol at 0:33?!

  13. Anybody just watch S3E2? They're going to Tatooine!!!

  14. The Droids are back??

  15. 0:38 Sabine is a tie fighter pilot

  16. Revan should be brought back in this season

  17. if Darth Maul dies i well murder EVERYONE

  18. TOM BAKER AS BENDU!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!111

  19. is that Jyn erso saluting with the others?

  20. Did anyone notice that the marks on Kanan's blindfold are the same as the jaig eyes on Rex's helmet?

  21. darth mau again ???

  22. and why did sabine dye her hair……..again

  23. why, why, why did he cut his long beautiful hair

  24. I really Like how the ending shows Maul & Ezra with the two Holocrons. In another trailer, they have footage of Ezra about to kill maul. I am super excited!

  25. Where's obi wann???

  26. Grand Admiral Trown . Karabast !

  27. What is the music in this trailer?

  28. After seeing the first S3 episode, I think its safe to assume Kanan's blindness will become a story arc. Im not sure if I like that too much, I mean if Wollfe got a bionic eye recplacement, why can't Kanan? Speaking of Wollfe, what ever happened to him and Gregor? Its been a while since ive seen the episode where the ATTE fights the ATATs, but im pretty sure neither of them died in the end

  29. The real question is ¿Where is McQueen?

  30. Finally normal thick lightsabers

  31. Thrawn !!!! Hell yeah!

  32. Just started watching tcw and I see that Darth maul js still alive after sidious beat him up? Also why does the girl have his dark saber and why is he worming with the rebels now? Haven't seen any of rebels yet can't wait

  33. I don't care if it isn't canon anymore. They need to do a show for the Expanded Universe. Mara Jade, Jacen Solo, Cade Skywalker, Admiral Thrawn and Admiral Palleaon with the Imperial Remnant, Darth Krayt and his One Sith Empire vs the Rebel Alliance and the Fel Empire.

  34. 2:46 grabbed my interest a lot like what the hell will happen next?

  35. anyone knows the name of the first song?

  36. Sabine found the darksaber

  37. Dash Randar is here?

  38. Amiral Thrawn?… wait and see…

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