EuroTrip Trailer
EuroTrip Trailer

EuroTrip Trailer

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24 отзывов - EuroTrip Trailer

  1. Were there any actual europeans in this movie? xD

  2. The comedy version of Hostel

  3. I still use mailmotherfkcer as my ringtone LOL

  4. Does Scotty know after 12 years ?

  5. Scotty killed josh peck from drake and josh then tried to burie him by the lake

  6. how ironic, that my ex girlfriend was German, I saw this movie back then in 2004, and in 2011 I hooked up with my ex who was from Germany. Makes you think how far love can travel

  7. I'm European girl and I hate stereotypes but this movie…. this movie is awesome and great and I love it so so much :D

  8. So funny looking back on this trash, literally found in the deepest pits of uncultured stupidity.

  9. This movie is good??
    Even Suicide Squad has more dignity.
    Eurotrip has more nudes than funny moments.
    Speaking of nudes, seems to me that the writers of the film love porn just too much.
    Seriously fuck this movie.

  10. It's a hilarious and generally an awesome movie! I suggest you to give it a try, you will definitely not regret it!?

  11. This looks like absolute trash

  12. hey i also went on a eurotrip and made a pretty cool video from it, check it out :D

  13. I watch this movie every year and I still enjoy it!

  14. what a good movie that was!

  15. why do they always get the accents wrong

  16. This is the funniest film. So many funny scenes. See the little kid playing Hitler 1:49

  17. So that's where Americans get their perception of Europe from…

  18. I dont know how Bratislava looks like. But where i live (Békásmegyer/northern suburb of Budapest), looks almost same like the "in film Bratislava".
    Fuck, i hate to live here :D

  19. Mi Scusi! Mi Scusi!

  20. The Dutch scene was the best.

  21. I know this is just for fun but most American movies seem to represent Europe in a very weird way. :D

  22. i watched that movie like 4 times that misgusi guy was the best xDDD

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