unINDIAN | OFFICIAL TRAILER | Brett Lee | Tannishtha  Chatterjee
unINDIAN | OFFICIAL TRAILER | Brett Lee | Tannishtha Chatterjee

unINDIAN | OFFICIAL TRAILER | Brett Lee | Tannishtha Chatterjee

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Beautiful divorcee and single mother of one, Meera (Tannishtha Chatterjee) is an Australian of Indian origin. Smart and independent, she has carved out a successful life for herself and her daughter … despite family pressure to find ‘a nice Indian match’. Then Meera meets Will (Brett Lee)… tall and blonde with a charming smile. But falling in love with an Australian man is not only scandalous — it’s unindian! Does she do as her family wishes? … Or does she follow her heart and live her life the way she wants? Highlighting the complexities of wooing another from a different culture, unINDIAN is a comedy with a lot of heart and a little spice!

Releasing on: 19th August 2016
Cast: Brett Lee, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Supriya Pathak, Gulshan Grover
Director: Anupam Sharma

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32 отзывов - unINDIAN | OFFICIAL TRAILER | Brett Lee | Tannishtha Chatterjee

  1. color does not matter but it is only the indian color to show on the western movie , common ………….. idhar nangi hui toh rand ko gussa nahin aaya jitana kali bol toh aaya on the set of comedy circus….

  2. yaar koi heroen tou achi si leletycricket star ki raerh lagadi.

  3. what a mess …. a mix of Bollywood and Hollywood movie. what were they trynna make.

  4. well done Bret Lee

  5. she is hot . she is in Prached . and also in Road (Abey Deol) . She is hot. really hot.

  6. Surely gonna watch it. Not in hindi Please :3

  7. Trailer looks good mate

  8. Atleast actress tou koi achi haseen le lete…Deepika ko he le lete

  9. sounds cool
    and great to watch Brett lee on his debut
    seems like he has done excellent play.

    curious to watch the whole match?

  10. awsm movie trailer

  11. who is going to see her face for 2 hrs 😛 …………. Fairness Important for actress

  12. why the hell are you people here???(To those commenting about the female lead) If you have better option for female lead then just go n make a film on ur own ? India got different tones so don't think that we only got fair or medium skin colour so stop commenting about it. First Respect ur own country then only expect to get respect from others.

  13. man people r idiots here

  14. I was just here to see the comments

  15. These comments are cancer for any healthy mind ?

  16. u'll find girls 100 times better looking than her in every road of India

  17. WARNING if u love yourself don't read comments they r jst cancer except 2 or 3……girl is beautiful that's a typical Indian beauty

  18. for those commenting about the actress …. congratulations!!!! u have not seen ur fav heroine without make up yet…(no offense as always)?

  19. Indians complaint about racism and they judge people by their looks! what a shit hole fill of turds they are!

  20. nice she is one of the best actress…

  21. well that looks sweet …lovely Indian dusky girl n Australian guy good match….

  22. did i just see Gulshan Grover at 1:51

  23. Ohh God Why They Chose That Aunty As Heroine :O ……

  24. brett lee the best there was, there is, and their will be in no matter wat he does

  25. Such a pity that the intelligent and mannered community is minority even on the internet.

  26. Can't believe that my country has so many racists. Sad shit! Hope these people come out of their closet.

  27. bhai kuch jyada kaala nhi dikha diya., make up kar ke toh gora kar dete hai.

  28. All the best Brett

  29. Look at the 5 foot something guys who look like coolies on a railway platform ( sorry coolies… Dont wanna offend you) talking about the actress's beauty. Also look at the name and the country of these people.

  30. brett lee ,you better go with cricket.

  31. but I think the main actress could have been changed.she may be a great actress.but to be frank to get a kind of success I don't think so everybody will accept her..

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