SHORGUL Official Trailer | Jimmy Sheirgill | Ashutosh Rana | 1st July 2016
SHORGUL Official Trailer | Jimmy Sheirgill | Ashutosh Rana | 1st July 2016

SHORGUL Official Trailer | Jimmy Sheirgill | Ashutosh Rana | 1st July 2016

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Shorgul is a Political Drama, based on real life incidents that rocked the Nation with headlining news in the past. The film is set on the backdrop of Uttar Pradesh bringing to light sensitive subjects that have occurred in our country. In addition brings out some controversial Political Mind Games & Master strokes of high profile dignitaries.

In the Movie, an Innocent Friendship between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl rapidly escalates into a political minefield, causing unrest and chaos in the state.

The matter snowballs in an interesting series of events and takes an unexpected turn, becoming a national issue in question.

Jimmy Sheirgill | Ashutosh Rana | Sanjay Suri | Narendra Jha |
Eijaz Khan | Hiten Tejwani | Anirudh Dave | Suha Gezen | Deepraj Rana

MUSIC DIRECTOR for Trailer : Arjun Nair

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38 отзывов - SHORGUL Official Trailer | Jimmy Sheirgill | Ashutosh Rana | 1st July 2016

  1. that scream of the girl….blown my mind…………its hurt touching… i love that

  2. a myth and a fact polytheism and monotheism n v we all know who is the winner ..

  3. i think problem tab start hoti hai jab hum apne dharam ko dikhaana shuru ker dete hai..tabhi to hum apne dharam se pehchaane jaane lagte hai…karam se nhi…so apne dharam ko dil main rakho…never show others what is your religion…#showHumanity

  4. Watched this movie and realized Indians were fool when britishers entered into India and applied divide and rule policy which works well, same footsteps RSS and their allies walk to separate society on religion so they can polarizes their vote bank and result is India still struggling to be called as Developed nation

  5. chor hain azam khan

  6. hinduism is nothing but just a corrupted islamic theories of old indian muslims of old times

  7. ur india gona fall soon…..ur corupt hindu ideology

  8. nice movie … sahi hai aaj jo kuch ho raha hai india me bhai

  9. This shows the true face of politicians … They manipulate common people by religion and use them for power …

  10. fuckin deaf dumb and dead indians

  11. I only watch this movie for "Jimmy Shergill "And "Ashutosh Rana " :)

  12. Is there anyone is hear who hates another religion?

  13. Its my Mamu film

  14. Its My Mamu s movie

  15. brilliant dialogues……………………..

  16. abb inko koun samjhae ke "HAR HAR MAHADEV" aur "ALLAH HU AKBAR" ka word to word meaning same hain….
    KAANTNEWALE aur KATNEWALE dono Tuchiye hain…. :v :v :v

  17. Ye Movie dekhne wali hogi…

  18. This should be Shergil not Shorgul. Jimmy you are too good.

  19. Finally a movie made on owaisi
    Ache din aa gain

  20. Hmfff.. Democracy…

  21. yey movie dikha k phir uksao logo ko…….ban karo isko ……khoon kharaba orr dnga phasad dikha koi shanti nhi aaygi logo k jakhm kyunu kured rahey ho……….

  22. सब्जेक्ट अच्छा है
    लेकिन फिल्म का नाम अच्छा रखना था

  23. mujhe to ye juth ke siwa kuch nahi lagati agar mujaffarnagar riot par bani hai

  24. sankshep mein : "arre burbako, allah aur bhagwan ek hi howat rahi .. kahe conphus karat ho .."

  25. love jimmy shergil fk this fatwa idiots

  26. Seems like a chootiya film. Please release it and screen it massively.
    People might stop engaging in riots if they see their riots lead to such chootiya films.

  27. suha Turkish girl ?

  28. we have to watch this we all have watch this

  29. kayar jatto ki sacchayi is movie me dekhne milegi

  30. kayar jatto ki sacchayi is movie me dekhne milegi

  31. thumbs up Jimmy Sheirgill

  32. Fully power packed movie — Story, Actors, Director, Acting, Filming and many more.
    A must watch.

  33. This movie is going to be blast. Can't wait any longer. Can be good for entertainment but cant be taken seriously. Seems like another Sickular propaganda by Bollywood. RSS are our heroes they work for country but Jihadis work for Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. But will watch anyways.

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