Marauders Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Bruce Willis, Dave Bautista Movie HD
Marauders Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Bruce Willis, Dave Bautista Movie HD

Marauders Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Bruce Willis, Dave Bautista Movie HD

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Marauders Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Bruce Willis, Dave Bautista Movie HD
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An untraceable group of elite bank robbers is chased by a suicidal FBI Agent who uncovers a deeper purpose behind the robbery-homicides.

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36 отзывов к статье Marauders Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Bruce Willis, Dave Bautista Movie HD

  1. Scott K

    Insert generic payday/army of two joke here

  2. MissIndoubidably

    …this has nothing to do with harry potter!?

  3. Vinsent Chase

    Did Ari Gold put winny in this movie

  4. Tommaso Mussi

    qui prende

  5. Prometheus Theroux

    Anyone that watches this and compares this to other games and not army of two

    I hate you

    This is obviously army of two

  6. eriks

    I see a New PAYDAY 2 update

  7. Marc Albert

    Lol dave bautista what is that, XXXXXXXL jacket ?

  8. veasnamara mara


  9. Rein Tenshi

    maskman is his son. boom…:(

  10. KeepCalmandFangirl

    Marauders… As a Potterhead I feel robbed.

  11. Max Wooks

    Oh look, yet another "all rich people are horrible" movie. Wow how original.

  12. Adam Lynch

    movie was poop

  13. DiRT

    I tried to watch this movie 2 times, I fell asleep both times, and I never fall asleep watching a movie.

  14. Peter Wilson

    Soooo…. this isn't the Harry Potter prequel/spinoff I was hoping for?

  15. DevilsBathtub

    Bruce is the bad guy

  16. Nico By

    Dave Bautista?? The roid'ed up lab experiment of a Wrestler? Please, he looks more unnatural at 47 than Arnold did in his prime and has the acting skills of a brick wall. The movie itself? A more generic version of Inside Man by the looks of it…

  17. MarwinKun

    What if "Army of Two" was "Kane & Lynch" and also maybe "Heat" but from the good guys' perspective? The Movie

  18. Kratos Zueiro

    Payday 2
    Brother hahaha

  19. Jonathan Tucker

    Vincent chases next big block buster

  20. Tim Paulsen

    Just watched the movie, brilliant plot. Full hd here

  21. John Pierce

    Army of two: payday special

  22. Terabass

    When I saw Bruce Willis, I immediately knew there will be mass casualties by explosions.

  23. Shane Berning

    Bernie Sanders' inspiration. Big banks gotta go.

  24. Nicholas Gosselin

    Yippy Ki Yay *****

  25. Florie Mae Buen

    The Marauders map.. jk

  26. ༄Ǥhøst༻

    I have that mask in gta5

  27. brettfavreify

    Didn't know the WWE was a beginner's action hero acting class.

  28. MindaugasLegend

    live those masks, reminds me of deathstroke or deadshot

  29. Cesar Mendiola


  30. sufi anto

    What Bruce Willis doing in that movie..? nothing…! i though that he was the man..!! i don't like it..

  31. Abhinav Smith

    'inside man with a WWE

  32. Zachary Goddard

    I can't watch a movie with Vincent Chase after seeing Medellin.

  33. shukshuk shuk

    Diarrhea through a projector.

  34. Craig Sinclair

    Great, another trailer where they reveal the big twist at the end.  Good job Hollywood.

  35. Grid

    I actually thought this movie was pretty good

  36. Freshtex Blackman

    Ok so why did they film this movie in a Tropical Rain Forest? The rain never stops from start to end!

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