Black Widow Trailer – SNL
Black Widow Trailer – SNL

Black Widow Trailer – SNL

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In her first standalone film, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) juggles an internship at Fashion Weekly magazine and a complicated relationship with boyfriend Ultron.

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38 отзывов к статье Black Widow Trailer – SNL

  1. alex thelizardking

    ultron would be great bf. everyone just hates robots

  2. ulllaaaklara

    Would love to see that!!

  3. Sydney Sage

    this is what happened with supergirl, i can't even watch that show without rolling my eyes. the writers don't know that women want a show about a female superhero that is not just sex in the city with capes and tights.

  4. Preston2787

    Даже Альтрону дают с его механическим членом, когда уже мне дадут?

  5. Bob Games

    Is that actually Scarlet Johansson?

  6. Master Sss

    Penis activated "Dildo successful installed".

  7. Elphaba

    Still a better love story than Twilight.

  8. Han Tran


  9. VijayaMadhav Akella

    that's hilarious

  10. Andrej Simic

    wtf ^_^

  11. Binturbara

    I'm crying

  12. Jalen Griffin

    what the actual fuck!?

  13. DangerousBread24

    Still waiting for this

  14. Ihsus Xristus

    Holy dog shit, they nailed it making Thor look like a total fudge packer, a real pillow biter, completely like a rectal ranger, to look 100% like a fudge tunnel engineer and unmistakably like a semen burper. Goddamn.

  15. Cryo9 Shadow

    A Black Widow movie actually would be kinda cool

  16. J Williams

    Marvel has yet to make a Black Widow movie, yet D.C. is planning to make Aquaman.
    D.C. is making a movie about Aquaman.
    Just let that sink in.

  17. Oscar Wilde

    Captain America has really let himself go.

  18. Asuka Yuki

    It should have been Deadpool, not ULTRON! I just think Black Widow and Deadpool would have some kind of connection, ya know! :l

  19. Super Nino

    "You loved Avengers age of Ultron" No that movie sucked

  20. Reggae Matchitt

    this is a joke

  21. gotten177 lizarraga



    Blyat, SUKA!!! DA NU VAS NAHUI

  23. mando mendez

    that video was funny lol

  24. Ladymusicc

    the best thing is that scarlet is actually in this.

  25. Mahatma Gandhi

    I would fuck her every dat

  26. Zoe Scout

    Legit every movie about women is ever? I really hope marvel makes an actual movie about her tho

  27. FlashakaViolet

    Marvel – We know girls

  28. tumatauenga

    that penis joke would've been funnier with a norton anti virus alert

  29. Brian Moore

    I'd watch the shit out of this

  30. Milkyway2099

    they actually got Scarlett Johansson for that?!

  31. Adam Palmer


  32. Angel Osiel Gonzalez sanches

    buen vidio chido like

  33. Jay Gamez

    super unfunny. I miss MadTv

  34. gabriela Manrique

    Que ridículo????

  35. Bolin Volovan

    Whew! I don't feel emotionally prepared to see an action/adventure movie led by a woman that's not merely the romantic interest of a man.

  36. jherrenor

    i know this is supposed to be funny but it just isn't.

  37. Fina Bee

    This just ruined my life.

  38. Valentina Zuñiga

    But where's my love? I mean Hawkeye (?

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