XCOM 2 — Announcement Trailer
XCOM 2 — Announcement Trailer

XCOM 2 — Announcement Trailer

❤ 1078 , Категория: Новости,   ⚑ 07 Окт 2016г

Firaxis is back with a host of new alien combatants in XCOM 2.

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23 отзывов - XCOM 2 — Announcement Trailer

  1. "the future begins with you" guy gets shit in the face seconds later explosions "so I guess it didn't include them guys the futures excluding people not ok"

  2. This looks bad……..ass!!!!!!!!

  3. This trailer is rated "H" for Honest.

  4. E3 Gameplay > Actual game

    WTF happened to all decent game developements :/

  5. poor guy with base assault rifle… borrow a gauss sniper rifle please

  6. Anyone kown where I can find the musioc for this?

  7. Only if the gameplay wass like this..

    PD:quiero jugar esta mierda 🙂 :V

  9. I just came back to this after seeing it the day it was announced. Still just as badass.

  10. Alemão você vai fazer video do xcom q saiu pro ps vita? abraço

  11. Why did that Sectoid decide to pick a fistfight with the Ranger, when he can use psychic powers and a plasma pistol?

  12. all i saw was ayy lmao

  13. worse game ever made

  14. Just something wrong on this video though. You start randomly in any part of the world, but your firebrand will always land in Arizona or Nevada (I think). They could've made just that little detail of changing environment depending on where your home base is going to be.

    Love LOVE LOVE this series though. Hands down.!

  15. Only I think this video is gay?

  16. Question : Will this be also available on Playstation or Xbox??

  17. Draconian Empire presents:

    — 2035 illegal NWO 1 year before a fall of a comet (Nostradame),
    — Blue Beam a false alien invasion.

    We won this war.

  18. Why haven't i ever heard of this game?
    Looks great.

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