Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — Comic-Con Trailer [HD]
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — Comic-Con Trailer [HD]

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — Comic-Con Trailer [HD]

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Zack Snyder’s BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is in theaters March 25, 2016.


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47 отзывов - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — Comic-Con Trailer [HD]

  1. The greatest trailer of all time

  2. Тhis is thе niсеist mоvie i еvеr sее!!! I аdvisе еvеrуbоdу tо watсh it 🙂 Bаtmаn v Suрermаn Dаwn оf Justicе Cоmiс Cооооn Тrаilеr HD

  3. Ahhhhhh…Sad memories of poor Jason Todd…(2:01)

  4. Jesse Eisenberg must Die get that monster out of Here.

  5. I still come here for the music.

  6. Тhis mоviе is nоw ааааvаilаblе tоооо wаtсh hеre => Batmаn v Suреrmaааn Dawn оf Justiсe Cооооmiс Cоn Тrаilеr HD

  7. It's Story is better than the one of the Avengers movies… but that isn't hard

  8. 10 years from now this movie will be in the same category as Memento, Fight Club, Se7en & The Dark Knight, until then let's be the minority. Fuck the haters.

  9. If it weren't for the sloppy pacing, all over the place editing and that…. oh god… awful Martha climax this could've been a really decent film.

  10. Тhis is thе niсeist mоviе i еvеr sеее!!! I аdvisе еvеrуbоdу tооoо watch it 🙂 Bаtmаn v Suреrman: Dawn оf Justicсе — Cоmic-Cоn Тrаilеr [HD]

  11. The most annoying part of watching this movie was how seriously it took itself when it had all the depth of any other mindless action blockbuster (but none of the fun).

  12. If only the movie was as great as this trailer…

  13. Worst batman actor ever… Long live Christian Bale! :(

  14. the haters are coming… the haters are coming

  15. Best super heros movie !!!!!

  16. Bаtmаааn v Suреrmаn: Dаwn оf Justiсе full mоviе hеrе => Bаtmаn v Suрermаn: Dаwn оf Justiсе — Cоmiс-Cоn Тrаilеr [HD]

  17. Remember when we thought this was gonna be a good movie? Pepperidge farm remembers…

  18. at the end of this trailer, I always expect Shia to be saying "Do It!"

  19. This comment section is like watching keeping up with the kardashians.

  20. "The Rape Cakes are coming… The Rape Cakes are coming"

  21. melhor filme de super herói já feito até agora!

  22. It's sad how I wanted to love this movie but was horribly disappointed with it…

  23. Terrrific performance by Mark Zuckerberg! He really captured the essence of the Riddler. Almost as good as Jim Carrey. ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

  24. By far the best of the BVS trailers.

  25. The trailer was better than the movie itself

  26. the trailer is literally better than the movie itself

  27. one of the worst hyped up movie ever. Ben was amazing as batman. but the story was awful. i mean the ultimate edition helped it a bit. but the film was just boring.

  28. Superman should win

  29. Tell me, how was this movie good?

  30. first movie I went twice verry verry overwhelming and it was an set up for what follows so waith for part two before putting it down it wil be great imagine seeing those two movies after eachother For people who didn`t understand all the inserts in the BVS

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  37. If you like the movie, that's great, if hated it, that's great as well. But quit with the childish act where all you do is cry and send hate towards others who disagree. It's a MOVIE people. A movie about fictional characters in a fiction world.

  38. if You fucked Heads like this Carp don't Blame Ben for turning the Movie in Recycle Blame the Dummy Jesse Eisenberg
    the Shove ass Fucker did not even See Superman fight with General Zod Zack in Man of Steel Snyder have Not seen Superman 2 the Real better Lex Luthor in the Old Man of Steel 2 Zack did Not Read any Comic Books the Reboot Batman is a Bad idea
    but The new Reboot for Batman V Superman Movie is a very Bad Mistakes that Let Dc Fans felt down of Heart Broke
    the First Zack Snyder Superman Movie in Garbage the New and the Good can make a Lot Better if Zack did not Went for the Reboots and keep the Old Superman Design think Better for the Epic Batman and The better Lex Luthor
    FUCK U Jesse Eisenberg.

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