Melancholia (2011) — Official Trailer [HD]
Melancholia (2011) — Official Trailer [HD]

Melancholia (2011) — Official Trailer [HD]

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Lars Von Trier is back with his new film, officially premiered in Cannes 2011.
Described as «A beautiful movie about the end of the world», MELANCHOLIA tells the story pf two sisters (Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg), who find their relationship challenged as a nearby planet threatens to collide into the Earth.

Coming to theatres on May 2011
Starring: Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Alexander Skarsgård, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlotte Rampling, John Hurt


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48 отзывов - Melancholia (2011) — Official Trailer [HD]

  1. The star of this film, by which I mean the planet, needs to lose weight. Now THAT is a planet that likes to grow. It could lose a few kilotons.

  2. SPOILER i have found out that indeed earth is destroyed in the end, does this at all ruin the movie for me? is it still worth watching?

  3. This is NOTHING for the Alien Invasion Tomato Monster Mexican Armada Brothers Who Are Just Regular Brothers Running In a Van From an Asteroid and All Sorts of Things.

  4. Not a big fan of "pretentious" films…except for this masterpiece

  5. this looks similar to the antichrist movie. the supporting actress loves to partake in psychological films.

  6. Well crafted end-of-the-world movies do a great job of showing us how infinitely precious and fragile the Earth is.
    But if you already understand the point, it's just a horror movie you're better off skipping to avoid nightmares.

  7. All of this beauty, thanks to one man's genius mind — Lars Von Trier! Probably the biggest and the best film director in the history of film, for the last 25 years!
    He's given us soooo much passion and beauty, reached to so many people's emotions, did wonderful things to them…one wouldn't know where to begin and where/when to end!
    Thank you L.V.Trier, for all the pleasures you had given to this world, and all the people who are watching the film as an artwork, not as a motion picture lemonade, just to pass the time! (I'm not saying that there's anything wrong in it, but I definitely don't like it to be the essential and primal quality, under which a film is judged upon…)
    So, greeting from Macedonia people, and have a good time watching (any of the numerous) masterpieces of the film maestro, Mr. Lars Von Trier!

  8. The greatest movie i have ever watched , there is something about this movie i cant find the right word to describe it


  10. I wasted 2 hours of my life watching this movie

  11. this movie was hot trash. talk about ruining a movie with a good premise

  12. at first I sympathized for the main character, knowing how she feels but gradually I started to hate her more and more. That self centered disregard for anything living outside of her, its pure solipsism, you may feel the world is evil but it is you who filters it through your un-coping mind. Wanting complete annihilation of Earth for your own relief is very selfish, fuck humans, let them die off but just look at the joy a dog feels, you will know its only human consciousness that poisons the true beauty of existence.

  13. One of the most underrated movies ever, a masterpiece

    So bad that the damn universe had to end the human race.

  15. A planet on a crash course towards Earth. It reminds me of Majora's Mask, except that was a moon but it had that same sense of impending doom that I get from this trailer.

  16. this movie was one these weirdass movies , dang

  17. Extremely boring til the end!
    I am an astronomer <(")

  18. Extremely boring til the end!
    I am an astronomer <(")

  19. This movie was awesome, but sent me into horrid existential crisis for years afterwards.

  20. wat. wat never changes.

  21. las von trier? call the kids and ge ready! another family movie =D

  22. 2 hours of booring horseshit

  23. Lovely movie.

  24. this movie is about the depression of julie, the blue planet (melancholia) was a methaphore of her illness (depression) the illness became more severe and the methaphore of the planet is getting closer. this makes his father commiting suicide for looking at his daughter ill and then all the rest of the family couldnt tolerate that.

  25. I suffer from Depression and Derealisation I think i'm a bit bi-polar too, after this movie ended i felt that temporary sadness, but after i let it process.. now i feel calm. I think you should see it if you do have a mental illness because when something shows you exactly how you feel and mimics your emotions in a way you can't really put into words, you don't feel so alone and you realize even if the world ended, which is the perceived and feared as the worst event possible, is it really a bad thing? Seeing it happen and what it'd be like, fulfills fear, you do realize something…you don't have to worry.

  26. I felt saddy after watching this 1 :(

  27. People are talking about the whole movie being a metaphor for depression, but idk. While I understood that she did have serious depression, her sister didn't. So, why was she pulled down with her as well? I don't think the planet is a metaphor for depression, it's just a planet about to destroy earth. I think I miss the point in Dunst's acting while it's interesting to watch, I found the older sister to be far more purposeful.

  28. the acting was interesting, but I wonder who could have acted these roles better hmmm…

  29. I couldn't get into the movie at all , all the to the first 50 minutes , then I had to quit trying to get into it . I thought it would be about Kirsten Dunst having electricity powers , from the picture at the very beginning on the movie .

  30. mhh… i have a problem with physics in this movie… Melancholia passes earth and is pulled by earth gravity,
    makes a turn back and goes straight to earth.
    I mean Melancholia is 5 times bigger then earth. I think when melancholia passes earth earth would be pulled or pushed… not the other way.

  31. Seems a long movie, every moment wordt on this film. Sad inside the sadness surrround of nothing, you can feel the afraid of nothing and then time stops, is endless in every beauty way. People not real become to be real. Lars!

  32. If you want a movie where same thing happens but with some action, watch These Final Hours

  33. Shittiest movie I ever saw. "Oh the planet is a metaphor" "oh its about depression and family" Please! Whenever movies like this come along that just try to hard to be abstract for the sake of it or "artsy", some people love to proclaim that they got it and that it is a masterpiece. Same people that love the utter manure that is "fine arts", which lets face it, demands no skill except the one of marketing.

  34. Love the way she says "now it passes by us"

  35. Any other recommended movies?

  36. thats my girl

  37. Implies a ludicrous amount of drama that isn't forthcoming. I also thought the sizzling noise they added to the electricity emanating from her fingers was stupid. Marketed correctly, this magnificent film could've broken box office records. But it was trashed.

  38. this is my favorite anime

  39. I would love to fuck MJ.

  40. wtf i'm confused what is this about ?

  41. This movie sucked! It was made by a bunch of assholes who think that the most important aspect of a movie is the cinematography. As if you can have a plot that's dry as shit with actors that belong on USA it doesn't matter because the movie was filmed like they just took some mediocre cinema class.

    By the way, this movie could have been around an hour shorter and accomplished the same thing. You are left in the end feeling depressed, bored unfulfilled but glad it's over. Nobody changes in a way that you actually get to watch and to be honest, I didn't like any of the things that happened.

    Then there's the fucking characters. They are trying so hard to get the story they want out of these poorly thought up characters, It's like watching someone squeeze a lemon but no matter how hard they try, they can't get anything to come out because it's already squashed. Why are they still at the house? Why did the husband leave her? I dont want to hear it's her depression, we just saw all this shit that he went through for her relationships don't normally end like that so why would a main character just drop off the face of the earth like that? Dont fucking call that art. There is nothing artful about how that character left the movie.

    Literally the only entertainment I got from this movie, was trying to keep the opening images in my mind and try to figure out what they pertained to. Movie made me want to fucking die, and who want's that? Who wants to watch a movie that's so intentionally boring and depressing that it ruins your whole day? There are plenty of movies that are extremely artful, in everything from the cinematography to the dialogue and pacing. Movies that had excellent stories where things have many meanings so that when you're watching the movie, everything means something but after you watch it, weeks, maybe years later you start to see the deeper meaning. This movie was more like, you get nothing from it when you see it, so you have to try to find meaning so you can feel smart.

  42. Horrible plot, horrible acting, horrible movie…. waste of time to watch.

  43. hieno elokuva…

  44. Awesome naked babe at 1:13

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