Penn & Teller: Fool Us // Kostya Kimlat Makes Penn Mad
Penn & Teller: Fool Us // Kostya Kimlat Makes Penn Mad

Penn & Teller: Fool Us // Kostya Kimlat Makes Penn Mad

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Kostya Kimlat, The Business Magician, fools Penn & Teller on “Penn & Teller Fool Us,” Season 2, Episode 7.

“I hate you. I hated the way you looked. I hated the way you cleanly handled the deck of cards. I hated that I should have known it.” —Penn Jillette.

Fore more information, listen to Penn talk about being fooled:

Watch Kostya’s live performance at the Penn & Teller Theatre at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas:

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46 отзывов к статье Penn & Teller: Fool Us // Kostya Kimlat Makes Penn Mad

  1. Bear 113

    Penn's outburst was all in fun, Teller's pure confusion and Kostya walked away with the prize, because of his great illusion.

  2. Monster Bash

    So I'm watching this for the third or fifth time trying to understand it and I finally caught one of his moves (he flips the lower pack of cards over at 4:05 ) but…… I still don't fully understand how tf he did this. But I'm getting closer >:)

  3. paulsreay1

    thats the closest to REAL magic i have ever seen

  4. TrueFloridian813

    It's so cool to see penn hate so hard lol

  5. Aritra Gupta

    You know what would be AWESOME? If someone went all Patrick Jane and beat Penn & Teller at Rock Paper Scissors every time

  6. Sean D

    I am sure they both saw the cull but it was flawless so they were fooled.

  7. Hey JoJi

    The greatest magicians that ever lived and still had fun with the end of that trick?

  8. Mr. Direction

    Definitely one of the best Triumph routines I've ever seen.

  9. Fox and Bat

    I feel like teller is big spoon and pen is little

  10. muhammed joyia

    watch the turnover switch @ 04:06
    this is the classic triumph move

  11. Bill Page


  12. apostolos PAPADOPOULOS

    It's a triumph but what makes this sooooo good is that you can cleanly spred the cards mixed and let the spectator push them in and shuffle the deck. Great work by Kostya.

  13. Hedning1390

    There is only one way I think he could have sorted the deck since I didn't see any switch, but it requires some real magic fingers. Maybe it is possible to be that good. If not I have no idea how he did it.

  14. Tayahang Rai

    this was the most flawless

  15. SingenStatt Atmen

    That's the way I always want to shuffle the cards when someone says he's doing a card trick… The fact that he let them and it worked is just amazing. Wonderful! And how they all turned around again… Unbelievable! :D

  16. Barbossa

    Damn… I think I know how he did it. It would take a lot of practice to do

  17. jedi fu

    ~ that trick was a triumph!! . . .

  18. RoxyDzey

    kostya , were you born in russia?

  19. Renan Cunha

    Fantastic trick, Kostya! I just watched the video many times and even though this is a recorded closed up magic trick (which makes it easier to find out) I am not able to tell where's the "tricky move". I can only suspect. It was well performed from the presentation to the sleight-of-hand ability. Just Brilliant, sir!

  20. TheJudofreak1

    Wow this is smooth! No wonder they missed it!
    Awesome man!!!

  21. Jesus Loves You

    Hahahhaa sssoooo funnyyy!! hahaa

  22. Rhino Horns

    The interesting thing about this trick is that Kostya not only had to turn all the face down cards face up, but he also had to turn Teller's ace of clubs card from face up as Teller put it back into the deck, to face down as the trick concluded!

  23. Rudi Simon

    I have to admit, I don't even have the slightest idea how he pulled this off. The whole time the deck never left anyone's sight.

  24. Leonardo Costa

    "Like he needs help in making people money disappear" very true

  25. ://SyCx1 Productions

    i don't get why the magician doesn't have to explain it at the end or why P&T don't have to explain it fully when they understand the trick.

    c'mon we come here to learn these tricks too not just watch it!

  26. JD Colinares

    great great trick kostya took me a while to figure it out hahah well done

  27. Jimmy Nahlous

    OK I think I have a good idea how you did it! You are so good with handling cards that when you are "spreading" the cards to show them to P+T you are flipping them over below the deck. The giveaway was flipping the last card as you collapse the deck in your hand. If that is how, then you sir are one of the greatest slight of hand artists in the world.

  28. icyboy771z

    4:00 look at the first card its blank 0.o

  29. Catherine McCluney

    Alright I cannot understand how that was possible but seeing Penn flip shit was hilarious

  30. petina

    there's never a deck switch or anything, at 4:00 watch in slowmo and you can tell he is very quickly and carefully sorting the cards based on their facing up or facing down, though most of it's happening underneath what you can see

  31. Large and In Charge

    TBH I dont understand how Penn and Teller was fooled. I watched this video twice and noticed the simple moves you did. While you were separating the cards for penn and teller to place there cards into the deck you divided the deck in two. Face up went to the bottom portion face down towards the top. Then Right before you set the deck down you flipped the bottom deck 4:04 . It was hard to notice from the camera angle but it should have been stupid easy to see from their point of view. Heck all you have to do is watch your hands. But after saying all of this you did the motion very well. Still an awesome trick just dont understand how they didnt catch it

  32. Ian MK

    amazing triumph man, really love it

  33. Joshua Blair

    I love how they both know they have no clue and it pisses penn off but teller loves it and sits there giggling lol

  34. Jelmer Vogelzang

    I think i know how he did it, and i've been thinking about this method for over 4 years for now, and i can't seem to do it invisible, but he can. So awesome to see!

  35. Lloyd Franklin

    When it said Fooler for the first time and Penn said no I bet someone in the back shit themselves over the possibility of losing their job.

  36. Jumpyluff

    90% of the views are from 10% of the viewers.

  37. Timothy Gosnell

    I've probably watched this video more than any other video on YouTube. I learned a very, very simple version of this trick recently and it makes me smile every time I perform it.If you ever come to PIttsburgh, I'll be there! Amazing job.

  38. busybillyb33

    The best moment here is when Penn and Teller desperately scramble to pick up some of the cards to examine them, and Kimlat tells he's fine with it. At that point, Penn is like fuck it, that is not going to help him at all. Totally fooled.

  39. Viscaelbarca06

    It remains my favourite act on this show, brilliant.

  40. karljobst

    Holy shit. I know how the trick is done but fuck me, the finger skill/dexterity required to do this is off the charts!

  41. Calvin Lee

    i can spot one of the moves, and i still have no idea how this one was done. really, really fabulous trick. love this one.

  42. Kenny Pagel

    I bought this trick from Kostya Kimlat and it is by far one of the best sleights I've ever purchased!!! He does a great job explaining all the different uses for it, and I will probably by the second volume within the week!!!!! Seriously this is definitely worth the money.

  43. TheMomalek

    play 4:04 at 0.25 speed on the video, you'll see exactly what he did. it's easy… he kept sorting them and then flipped the cards in the last second… its amazing and so clear

  44. Cougar Land

    As he goes through the deck one last time to put their cards back he's already flipping all the cards face up using his right hand under the deck, except for Penn and Teller's cards, and the top card till last.

  45. Gcentral

    This is where he does something 00:04:04 that resets them all face up. I have downloaded this video and run it at slow motion and I can say this: I saw NOTHING. WTF is this guy! Is that a trick made possible by a super eidetic memory?

  46. Nathanizbeast

    Slow motion at 4:06

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