The New World Order, World War 3, ISIS, The Secret Agenda Of Elite 2016 END OF DAYS COMING
The New World Order, World War 3, ISIS, The Secret Agenda Of Elite 2016 END OF DAYS COMING

The New World Order, World War 3, ISIS, The Secret Agenda Of Elite 2016 END OF DAYS COMING

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Hello world, the truth behind the New World Order: Anonymous Exposing the truth of The New World Order.

The first video that exposed The Humanity Party was removed by Youtube one day one: that means it is more than the truth.

This means that the truth is not just a conspiracy…

Warning the Humanity Party is called Opposition the truth must be known

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41 отзывов - The New World Order, World War 3, ISIS, The Secret Agenda Of Elite 2016 END OF DAYS COMING

  1. Yes the United States is well on its way, I think I will stay up here in the real free country Canada

  2. I don't think the CFR was founded by David Rockefeller in 1921! He was only 6 years old back then!! Bit of a mistake at 1:21:09

  3. Bush Snr looks sinister and evil in that UN speech he gave at 3:23.

  4. The Jewish inbreeding has led
    to a their psychopathy

  5. We must remember that is was the Jews
    that invented the concept of hell
    Only the filthy mind of a Jew could be so evil

  6. This is what the Jews have always done
    Death , murder and mayhem

  7. Almost 2017- DOH!

  8. all nature and wildlife will be destroyed by 2050, when that happens we cannot survive without the corporations. i don't give a shit because I don't have kids and I'm dead by then

  9. but they too will burn in hell

  10. One person says they know the truth, then another says the same thing even though what they both think is the truth are completely different from one another. It's easy to convince gullible idiots that the world is going to end, especially if they are religious. This is why more and more people are seeing religious people as the highly irrational people they are. This is why religion will no longer be taken seriously in the future. Why don't you people go live your lives instead of worrying about all this conspiracy stuff? There will always be more videos titled "ILLUMINATI EXPOSED NWO OBAMA SATAN 2016". Once nothing actually happens, the videos change the year in their titles as more time passes. As long as religion exists, the amount of gullible idiots there are in the world will remain large.

  11. Fuck this documentary. Just when I get tunneled in, another advertisement.

  12. Revelations 20:4 speaks about those that support the NWO. " I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God. They[a] had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years."

  13. It's pretty obvious that JFK was killed for speaking out about the NWO. Not by Oswald either.

  14. too bad this video is littered with ads. I wanted to know when the end of the world was due.

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  16. funny thing is that people said god is coming for us 3 years ago lol

  17. there is no fuckin rapture is so fake and god is not coming back

  18. is flase flag dumb bitch

  19. Remember, this is Satan's planet.  They say under GOD, however, Satan is the key controller.  Ever buy a car, look at the car salesman or saleswomen, try to act all honest.  That is EARTH.  One good thing, you don't live forever, and you don't have to be here for an eternity.   God is here.  Listen to God, Jesus, Buddha, …

  20. uh mercury retrograde xD

  21. I wrote a big paragraph of my thoughts and feelings about this, then I deleted it. I DO NOT want to be on these guys shit list.
    You one seeing eye on top of ur pyramid , you leave my family and myself alone.

  22. God said thousands would be deceived by the devil and his friends and it's true just look at how the illuminati hid from the world as a myth

  23. America must not bow down to the devil but stand up for god, no matter the punishment the devil intends for u if u disobey his sick rules

  24. Over kill on the ads, thumbs down

  25. Expose the truth holy spirit…wake up ppl..this is a fight for your soul…repent of your sins and accept Jesus…he died for us..he is coming very soon


  27. This should run 24/7…

  28. what does it matter its bound to happen anyways.

  29. what does it matter its bound to happen anyways.

  30. I'm glad I can say I'm no longer enlisted in the US Military… It's about time we the American people declare war on these terrorists in our government.

  31. End of times? NOO, should be the end of demographic control agenda. End of satanist Killuminati, may their skulls and bones blow of our faith in God…

  32. but thats not fair

  33. peace love to all go build your own house its more cozy anyways


  35. Eye of Horus??? I think he needs to do a bit more reading. Or proper history books not religious gunk.

  36. The new world order people are the very ones telling you about the new world order . They pretend to be opening your eyes to danger by getting you to hate your government . They want you to be too weak to defend your country and your families . So they give you videos like this to make you doubt your leaders . Trust no one especially the messenger .

  37. ÎkijjiîiijiN zeeesss

  38. When they die and they caste into the lake of tar. They burn for eternity.

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