Justice League Special Comic-Con Footage
Justice League Special Comic-Con Footage

Justice League Special Comic-Con Footage

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In theaters November 2017!

Featuring “Icky Thump” by The White Stripes:


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39 отзывов - Justice League Special Comic-Con Footage

  1. I frickin' loved BVS soooo much!

  2. I loooooove this trailer!!!

  3. I have to admit, as a child, I was never a big fan of DC comics. But now, I'm a big fan of both DC and Marvel, and when I come see these awesome trailers for both franchises I think, man, both of them are doing a great job, I am so pumped for the continuation of the MCU and for the rest of the first few movies of the DCEU! This is just great! We are living at a time when our favorite characters are being brought to the big screen with all these new technologies and, just, AHHHH
    What a great time to be alive

  4. I go to Marvel for colorful, relatable characters.
    I go to DC for dark, brutal gods.
    Please keep the two separated.

  5. lets say that DC animation movies are better than film…But only DC Film best was Batman starring Christian Bale

  6. If Hack Snyder screws this up… the DCEU is history!

  7. I'm not that familiar with DC comics but it seems like this Barry Allen has more of a Wally West personality, or is this how Barry behaves in the comics?

  8. Please do not like Marvel or BatVsSup to show important parts in the coming trailers

  9. すっごい楽しみ

  10. "I'm putting together a team, people with special abilities. See, I believe enemies are coming." Is this Suicide Squad 2?

  11. The Best Movie Ever Is Coming Justice League

  12. 7/23/16- Comic-Con Footage
    10/15/16- Green Lantern Played by Jimmy Fallon Announcement
    10/20/16- Trailer for the Trailer 1
    10/21/16 Trailer for The Trailer 2
    10/22/16 Trailer for The Trailer 3
    10/25/16 Teaser Trailer 1
    10/31/16 Happy Halloween from The Justice League!
    11/04/16 "Brainiac" Teaser Trailer
    11/25/16 Happy Thanksgiving from The Justice League
    11/26/16 TV SPOT #1- Buy Our Black Friday TOYS!
    12/01/16 Trailer for the Trailer 4
    12/02/16 Trailer for The Trailer 5
    12/03/16 RED BAND Trailer for The Trailer 1
    12/04/16 Martian Manhunter is in the Movie announcement
    12/05/16 "Black Superman" Teaser Trailer
    12/10/16 Justice League MUSIC VIDEO- "DC Spoils Everything and Lies" By Justin Beiber (True Story btw!)
    12/14/16 Happy Star Wars Day from The Justice League
    12/18/16 Trailer 1
    12/20/16 RED BAND Trailer for The Trailer 2
    12/22/16 RED BAND TRAILER 1
    12/23/16 "Green Lantern" Trailer
    And so on.

  13. Next trailer: BRAINIAC is the villan
    Or, Green Lantern played by Jimmy Fallon is in the movie frequently, SYKE!

  14. Hey guys go check out my short film!!!! Definitely worth your time!!!

  15. Marvel piadas horríveis não aguento mais, DC filmes épicos

  16. I'm in the movie

  17. why is the flash lighting blue

  18. Fake Flash… It should be Grunt Gustin

  19. I just hope they have learned from Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. Gove these characters their time to shine. No teasers! Linear story. Surprise us!

  20. I'm only watching it for Cyborg. :P

  21. now where is the people who judge that ben is not great Batman.. he is the perfect man to play Bruce wayne and batman.. now i realize that most critic is a fucking bullshits

  22. 1:45 Rick and Mitty are in the backround

  23. I cringe at cyborgs PC tower,terminator who skip leg day kind of guy. I really hope his personality is akin to the teen titans cyborg hehe

  24. Why Batman have stifneck? xD

  25. Ezra Miller/Barry Allen…hell yeah!

  26. i still don't get why Bruce is doing the batman voice out of the bat suit, seems weird to me

  27. Hope Dc don't ruin with more trailer like it did with B V S…this is perfectly edited with giving footage equal to everyone except superman afterall he is beyond all!

  28. 1 Question For Cyborg
    Cyborg, Do You Bleed ?

  29. I have watched this many times and it doesn't get me tire.

  30. I love DC but I'm disappointed by the DC cinematic universe, that's sad because DC is an awesome franchise.
    However I don't think that all Marvel movies are that good.

  31. I know the DC movies, according to critics, kind of suck. But me, as an individual? I like them. I really do. I can't really explain why. So I think I'll enjoy this.

  32. It's the Zack Snyder cycle

    Stage 1
    "Wow, (insert Zack Snyders latest movie here) was fucking dog shit. Zack Snyder is a shitty director, never let him make another movie again!"

    Stage 2
    (We see the trailer for his latest movie) "Okay, that looks cool, I'm sure Zack learned from his previous mistakes, look, even (insert high profile actor/producer here) is working on the project with Zack, theres no way it can be bad!"

    Stage 3
    (Movie is only days away from opening, the hype has reached critical levels, and everyone is sure the movie will be fantastic)

    Repeat from Stage 1

  33. Es para Marvel que lo mira por TV

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