Elvis & Nixon Official Trailer #1 (2016) — Michael Shannon, Kevin Spacey Movie HD
Elvis & Nixon Official Trailer #1 (2016) — Michael Shannon, Kevin Spacey Movie HD

Elvis & Nixon Official Trailer #1 (2016) — Michael Shannon, Kevin Spacey Movie HD

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Elvis & Nixon Official Trailer #1 (2016) — Michael Shannon, Kevin Spacey Movie HD

The untold true story behind the meeting between the King of Rock ‘n Roll and President Nixon, resulting in this revealing, yet humorous moment immortalized in the most requested photograph in the National Archives.

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41 отзывов - Elvis & Nixon Official Trailer #1 (2016) — Michael Shannon, Kevin Spacey Movie HD

  1. Arooooooooooo!

  2. This is an actual movie about how a photo was taken. Hollywood is definitely running out of ideas

  3. I would have cast Benicio Del Toro for the role of Elvis. His looks certainly remind more of a James Dean, but he certainly has that "Elvis look" in his eyes, the right voice and the right charms for the role. Shannon is good, but it's like casting Kristen Wiig for a Marylin Monroe biopic.

  4. Nem se o Elvis tivesse aids ele se pareceria com este ator…..

  5. i don't see elvis ere i see celebrities trying but its not enough . i think they could do better

  6. Elvis looks more like the cryptkeeper and he doesn't even sound like him.

  7. Casting Michael Shannon…who looks nothing like Elvis…..was still brilliant. He captured the essence of the man and that's good enough for me. Spacey is awesome as usual.

  8. They are not trying to use one looking like Elvis in this movie and maybe its a good thing, because to this day I have never seen any looking, walking, talking, etc like Elvis.
    They never get it.

  9. I can only see Zod


  11. this film is a disgust, its an insult to elvis presley. this guy looks nothing like elvis, sounds nothing like elvis. and there are no songs by elvis…wtf

  12. He's terrible as Elvis. They should have asked Shawn Klush to do it. He's got it all.

  13. I loved it — I remember many things mentioned — doesn't bother me that the actor didn't really look like Elvis — he played it his way and I think it was great. I'd love to see a sequel, there are tons of Elvis stories — music was great, very funny and very insightful in lots of places. They took some true events and made a story around it, we don't know if it's factual but who cares — it was a diamond of a movie. Elvis was such a classic, I love how he was portrayed in the movie. He was such an interesting person. I heard he made many donations and helped lots of people. My older brother and sister and mother talked about Elvis like he was a relative in another state, they adored him. I played Elvis' religious songs for my mother at her funeral. :)

  14. Just watched it and I am appalled. I figured that having Shannon to play Elvis was the result of nepotism, so I looked into and turns out it most likely was. Liza Johnson, the director of the film, nearly venerates Shannon. Search for the interviews she had online, you will see for yourself. If you want a more enjoyable Elvis and less tedious explication of the Nixon/Elvis meeting, then I recommend the 1997 version titled "Elvis Meets Nixon".

  15. Couldn't we have had some kind of Eddie Murphy Nutty Professor scenario, with John Cusack playing both leads?

  16. Good movie. The only problem to me was M. Shannon (exellent as usual) is so distinctive I couldn't pass through it.

  17. Elvis was a handsom guy, this guy is ugly!!!

  18. He does not look like Elvis, but that is a good movie!

  19. Loads of these things didn't happen and also it looks so bad. They should of at least of got an Elvis impersonator to do the job, it would of made a lot more sense.

  20. Piece of shit. .bad shit

  21. Who on EARTH is responsible for the casting of this?

  22. it looks like they dug up Elvis and shat on his face. creamated him. poured him into juice. drank it. pissed it out. buried it again. dug it up 3 yesrs later. kidnapped zod. and using science tried to make him look like Elvis by cross strapping the DNA.

  23. That film is a Load of crap..how can they have an ugly f*cker like him playing elvis..

  24. That film is a Load of crap..how can they have an ugly f*cker like him playing elvis..

  25. The casting director should never get hired to do another movie again. And…. Jerry Shilling… you really worked on this movie knowing that Michael Shannon looks absolutely nothing like Elvis? Fuckin' Hell…

  26. I'm disappointed they did not cast miles teller as Elvis, I think he would have been the best fit.

  27. So this is what it looks like when Zod and Lex Luthor hang out together.

  28. This movie rules. It'd oddly touching and is very emotional in spots especially when Elvis is talking to "Nixon" before he meets him about his "twin brother". Scenes like that will go over people's heads but I foun d it very refreshing.

  29. OMG.. THE MOST PATHETIC ELVIS I HAVE EVER SEEN.. He doesn't even look like him.. I couldn't watch the movie…

  30. 🙁 this portrayal of Elvis …….doesn't remotely look like Elvis neither Richard Nixon they hired two actors Zod and Lex Luthor who were in Superman movies

  31. Imagine Maryl Streep as Elvis. It would look better than this weird shit.

  32. Who cast this movie….Stevie Wonder?

  33. the president lived in the whitehouse,but "the king" lived in memphis.

  34. Great movies — funny as hell, but a great study in social engineering . Elvis must have been a quick study in ARMY intelligence.
    He Hacked Nixon Brian!

  35. a movie about the worst president of all time? nope…

  36. isn't today or yesterday the release on dvd? i would like to rent it from red box if anyone knows

  37. this looks so wack… a movie about two wack jobs… wack dude who stole African dance and music and claimed it his own and a wack ass president that brought cocaine into black & brown communities. wack wack wack.

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