FIFA 17 Demo – The Journey – Official Cinematic Trailer, ft. Alex Hunter, Reus, Di Maria, Kane
FIFA 17 Demo – The Journey – Official Cinematic Trailer, ft. Alex Hunter, Reus, Di Maria, Kane

FIFA 17 Demo – The Journey – Official Cinematic Trailer, ft. Alex Hunter, Reus, Di Maria, Kane

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Watch the Official Cinematic Trailer for FIFA 17 The Journey starring Alex Hunter, the Premier League’s next rising star. Download the FIFA 17 Demo now: Be one of the first to experience FIFA 17 The Journey.

Play for any Premier League club and live your story on and off the pitch as you try to make it as a professional footballer. During Alex’s journey you’ll interact with Marco Reus, Angel Di Maria, and more stars of world football.

Up to $120 worth of Jumbo Premium Gold Packs when you pre-order the FIFA 17 Super Deluxe Edition:

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FIFA 17 is available globally from September 29 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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40 отзывов к статье FIFA 17 Demo – The Journey – Official Cinematic Trailer, ft. Alex Hunter, Reus, Di Maria, Kane

  1. Канал Удалён


  2. manthan mehta

    what is song name


    when going to fix gameplay fifa … the line of defense is always in half court .. for more than sliders set to 0 the height and position of the defense .. always the defense is above .. I know that to make a delivery up after the ball is shot. aunq fix that for any level is the legendary fast forward the leaves back from mid-field .. and the other big mistake is that the striker is never inside the area. always in the middle of the field. that's another big mistake. if arranged that the game will improve too. It will not be as fictitious.

  4. Matheus Rafael

    seus cuzão porque vocês não colocaram a jornada pra Xbox 360


    i wish i could create my own person but have to play this black kiddo..this game gonna suck

  6. Bang Bang подбор deep house музыки и не только, уверен вам понравится, заходите и подписывайтесь;)

  7. mtpm 2120ars

    what's this song?

  8. Monica Rincon

    muy bueno

  9. Monica Rincon

    muy bueno

  10. ororor31

    every trailer you announce you cut "the moment" no one really want to know if he scores or not so why trying everytime

  11. Mr.Amazing

    whats the background song

  12. Creepergaming 290

    1:30 who's that referee he looks cool I want him

  13. Matias Lopez


  14. Georfi07X


  15. Alejandro Oliveira

    qual o nome da musica do trailer??

  16. xRafifa23HD


  17. Rick Droid

    First Console For me Thanks to Fifa 17, I am so excited I cannot wait

  18. Enrico Gamer

    muisic ????

  19. JohnandSharon Foy

    on fifa 17 I can't find the journey plz tell me if yu know

  20. Lucas Romero

    deberían de hacerlo mas largo el modo de el camino… esta muy chulo POR FAVOR. EA no os importa nada poner una actualización y que sea mas largo POR FAVOR

  21. Ден Ладыченко

    Кто исполняет трек,в данном ролике???????

  22. Jimi Noil

    Dear EA please put AEK Athens next time by FiFa…I m serious and angry!

  23. Ricardo Martinez

    This is not available for ps3 and xbox 360

  24. ADRIAN gonzalez

    como se llama la cancion

  25. Егор Бобрицкий

    what's is The music in The star?

  26. Imade-Dine EL

    bonjour EA je viens tout juste d'acheter Fifa 17 sur play station 3 et je n'arrive pas à jouer au mode aventure car il n'y s'y trouve pas malheureusement pouvez-vous m'aider s'il vous plaît

  27. Matthew wijaya

    0:11 what's the song?

  28. Punz เองจะใครละ

    what music?

  29. Gerardo Bautista

    report this video for showing the meaning of badass

  30. alan Ulloa

    cual es la cancion khe sale ?

  31. Lucas Souto


  32. TheOrigamiGame

    Can you say name of the song in the end,

  33. Filip Stadnik

    Do anyone know what is name of song in background?

  34. AA Bros


  35. Avi

    The final scene with hunter running from the halfway line proves that frostbite or no frostbite, fifa's players still run like robots.

  36. Keith Blox

    I've downloaded the demo on my PS3, and apparently there is no Journey in the demo. Is this just on my demo or everyones?

  37. ft1867 Xx

    Song ?

  38. jet log

    Hbdhxhjjduffttie cncc

  39. Ricky Mojekwu

    I just watched the video to still Alex's outfit at 0:34

  40. Douglas Fairbrother

    Name of the song, please?

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