Outsiders (2016) — Trailer
Outsiders (2016) — Trailer

Outsiders (2016) — Trailer

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“Outsiders” tells the story of the Farrell clan, a family of outsiders living off the grid who will stop at nothing to defend their mountain.
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Outsiders series premiere Tuesday, January 26 at 9 pm ET / 8 pm CT on WGN America. Copyright WGN America.

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43 отзывов - Outsiders (2016) — Trailer

  1. And you asking us to be serious to watch this?
    That's quite a challenge…

  2. i want a society like this.

  3. wtf? wasn´t opie killed? ;)))

  4. Opie, is that you? :D

  5. Harry Fucking Opie!

  6. when Justified and SOA have sex :'v

  7. shit,only this!

  8. Alb:

    in real world it would take 10 apache choppers tons of democracy and 1 episode to get ride of those people

  9. I keep waiting for the Ferrell Clan to go into town …stealthy and break into a flash mob performance of
    Dexy's Midnight Runner singing 'Come on Eileen '…kill everyone and tow the Dollar General back up the Mountain.

  10. Which one is Ponyboy?

  11. Holy funk Opie!!!

  12. opie SOA is back .

  13. Opie — Sons Of Anarchy?

  14. Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands

  15. Watch it here for free. No acct needed…..But you do need a torrent browser….
    https://eztv.ag/search/outsiders You are welcome…….

  16. Nooooo Ponyboy! Oh wait wrong movie!

  17. Sons of Anarchy meets the hillbillies

  18. drones would do the job in one day

  19. If this happened in real world, corporations would just send team of navy seals there and kill everyone in sight. greedy bastards in suites.

  20. I'm going to watch it because Ryan Hurst who plays Opie in Sons Of Anarchy is in it lol

  21. i looks like wrong turn…

  22. Duck Dynasty: the Reckoning lol

  23. When she says they're never going to leave the mountain…., then that means they're fornicating with each other then…, because…., how else is the family getting so big???…, and someone mentioned something about this being a hillbilly Avatar lmao :-)…, and I have to agree…, especially after seeing those trees being cut down on that one scene lol

  24. If this was truly happens in US what would actually will take into action? I doubt they will just send one deputy to put a eviction sign.

  25. Alaskan Bush People to the Max

  26. It's a good show and I will continue to watch it despite all the bad comments. I give it 4/5 stars so far.

  27. What the fuck I just saw…modern vikings,really? Damn.
    I wanted to watch this only because of Opie from Sons of Anarchy..but nah.

  28. This is actually a pretty good show so far in my opinion, don't get so caught up in the whole "hillbilly" aspect as some of y'all call it.

  29. this is more then a hillbilly survival,, it feels like something supernatural is involved in a way you have to watch it first then past judgment ..might still be for people with relaxed mindset,,, no need to over think things

  30. Класични шиптари фазон, племе са планине.

  31. Another series to get the anti-government whites all stirred up.

  32. ..and which one is ponyboy?

  33. They're forgetting "Based on true events"…
    "The Battle of Blair Mountain" meets Mad Max…

  34. wow looks like TV people are running out of good ideas for TV series.

  35. Alaskan Bush People the early years

  36. Once i saw this thing they call city….THE BUILDINGS ARE AS TALL AS THE SKY AND THE GROUND SWALLOWS THE ROADS AND TRAINS….madness i say……madness.

  37. when you see this outsider rampage to wal-mart and stealing ………w/o even getting jail or prison ……..it really piss off those criminal getting jail or kill by gov officer.

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