Captain America: Civil War – Trailer World Premiere
Captain America: Civil War – Trailer World Premiere

Captain America: Civil War – Trailer World Premiere

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This is the worldwide exclusive trailer debut for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.

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39 отзывов к статье Captain America: Civil War – Trailer World Premiere

  1. Ankit -

    The "So was I" dialogue at 2:09 by Tony is completely different than the movie scene. In trailer : Deeply Heart, In Movie : Angry and also Interface of his helmet is different

  2. Adam Hayton

    who else is watching this trailer as a reminder of how good this film could've been?

  3. Elyas Elyas

    You ccan watch Caapppptain AAАAmericaaaa: Civil War here Captaaaain Amеrica Civil War Trailer World Premiere

  4. Pansy Vang

    Inside smell involve urzpoxr subtle relax

  5. Gopal Bhowmik

    I watched Captain America: Civil War full mooovie here Captain Amеrica: Civil Waаr – Trailer Woooorld Premiere


    Without doubt, the WORST Advengers. No creativity. Just war of egos between superheroes, unnecessary flashbacks. Too much psychology, too much blah-blah. No progress in special effects.

  7. nazmus sadat

    Watсh Caрtain Аmеriса: Civil Wаr Моviе оnlinе hеrе => Caрtаin Ameriса: Civil Wаr – Тrailеr Wоrld Рremieеееrеее

  8. Honey Bun

    Steve: Pluto is a planet

    Tony: …


  9. Ali Haider Alvi

    Тhis mоооviе is nоw ааvailablе tо wаtсh hеrе => Caрtаin Аmеееeriса: Civil Wаr – Тrаilеr Wоrld РРPРrеmiеrе

  10. WWE TV-14

    Lol…I remember the day this trailer came out I was so excited…Good times

  11. The BåtBøy

    I like this trailer more than the second one
    Sorry spidy ?

  12. Tyrone Johnson

    That moment when the whole world exploded when Spiderman showed up at the end of this trailer like, "Hey everyone." ?

  13. Proitos N.T.

    I love so much MARVEL!!!!!And i have all the Avengers in figure from Amazon!

  14. Swagruto Uzumaki

    How to break the internet 101.
    Step 1: Be Marvel

  15. The Wrestling Enthusiast

    Love this film 10/10 masterpiece

  16. beast mode

    I was so disappointed in this movie. it was not as good as I thought it would be. fight scenes were cool but the ending sucked

  17. Misa marie Gordy

    I haven't seen it yet. 🙁 Looks good though

  18. Asif Iqbal

    I have a crush on the black bird

  19. kins

    The Greatest Movie of 2016

  20. Ed Memory

    Do heroes ever have time to poop?

  21. Johnny Cirucci

    …no man left behind.

  22. Devon Miles

    Clark: I'm sorry Bruce. You know I wouldn't do this if I had any other choice, but Martha's my mom.

    Bruce: …So was mine.

  23. Johnny Cirucci

    –absolutely no explanation for how something this moral, this good, comes from Hollywood, Disney and (given what else has come from them), Marvel except to say that the Russos and those taking care of Cap love him as much as we do.

    This movie is about staying loyal no matter who or what tries to stop you from it.

    Few scenes have moved me as much as when Sam sees him walk up out of the darkness into the prison (after kicking all the Squid SpecOp ass).

  24. hustlinjustin

    war… war never changes

  25. Catherine Horowitz

    the piano makes me want to die it's so good

  26. ian black

    Who's watching the trailer after they bought the movie?

  27. SimplyXiliav

    anyone know what his black shirt is called and where i could buy it at 1:00? i know its knitted

  28. Emiliano Diego gonzalez

    Por que tanta gente pendeja le dio dislike?

  29. Beatness

    This is still one of the greatest trailers ever.

  30. kasF

    This trailer still gets me hyped

  31. Jeremiah Brown

    learning sign weekend.

  32. Marwan Boudanga

    the first few seconds of the film where bucky had his metal arm trapped talking to cap and falcon did not appear in the film….

  33. puffwad

    I watched this trailer about 500 times (Yes, literally)

  34. jared mendez

    i liked batman v superman better

  35. autistic scottish lad

    DC vs Marvel

    Movies: winners= Marvel

    TV series: winners= DC

    comics: winners= DC

    animation: winners= DC

    video games winners= DC

  36. Michael Cannon

    the tag team sequence was so epic with the shield being passed back and forth!!!

  37. Little Mario

    57M views… You guys have sad lives..

  38. FeedArtiFact3 Gaming

    We beat bvs

  39. Boiwonder84

    Team iron man by the way

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