57325 2020 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER & HIGHLANDER HYBRID WALK-AROUND and Exclusive Look at the Interior!
2020 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER & HIGHLANDER HYBRID WALK-AROUND and Exclusive Look at the Interior!

2020 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER & HIGHLANDER HYBRID WALK-AROUND and Exclusive Look at the Interior!

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Learn everything you need to know about the all-new 2020 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER and 2020 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER HYBRID from the WORLDWIDE DEBUT at the New York International Auto Show. Join Maggie Clark from “Motor City Maggie” for a walk-around of the family-friendly Highlander. Learn all about the 4th generation of the Highlander, including colors, specs, technology, safety, and an EXCLUSIVE look at the interior and cargo area.
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***Motor City Maggie is not speaking on behalf of Toyota and all opinions expressed in this video are strictly hers.***

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42 отзывов к статье 2020 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER & HIGHLANDER HYBRID WALK-AROUND and Exclusive Look at the Interior!

  1. John Branski


  2. Talib Ali

    Great in depth review

  3. Eden Roth

    I'm trading in my Rx 350 2019 for this car for sure.

  4. Nicklos Whitmire

    Very thorough review, a home run by Toyota! Thank you for going over all the details Maggie. It is first on my list!

  5. Chase Liu

    I think she was in the background of the Redline review on this car

  6. Carol w

    I wonder how many will knock their coffee cup on the shift stick when it is in drive lol

  7. Erik Hopkins

    Too expensive!

  8. Ayman steelers

    Pretty af

  9. Kell Bell Roses

    You did such an amazing job! I loved your review of this Vehicle! I’m telling my friend who works at Toyota about you… you did such a better job then their rep did.
    Enthusiastic, lots of detail and none of his… um.. huh… junk.
    Bravo indeed! ❤️

  10. ishan R

    Ur sooooooo adorable

  11. Ej Jackson

    This isn't class leading anything – both the Telluride & the Palisade blow this this thing away – this looks like it was designed 10 years ago.

  12. Ameer K

    Ugh JBL we need something better like Bose or bower & wilkin

  13. J. Marr

    Great detailed review!! Look forward to seeing more reviews from you.

  14. MainmanMademan big Fan

    maggie is the type of chick who would cut her bf penis if she caught him cheating..

  15. ginger

    Looking forward to a more detailed review of the 2020 Highlander. This really feels like a trailer since it was done during the 2019 NY auto show.

  16. James Wisrik

    I hope this thing looks better in person! It looks hideous in the videos



  18. tundralou

    Still no accident cameras facing fore and aft like Europe

  19. jpthsd

    why is it Highlander having better interior design than GX 570 or LX 570 LOL?

  20. david el deek

    Finally a well thought design for a highlander, and thank goodness that fat front grill is gone , this almost look like an infinity , slick and sporty aggressive looking with the 20 inch wheel ! Great job

  21. Mentuhotep II

    A lot of thirsty commentators!

  22. Kim Mey

    The button is not for rain sensing wiper. It’s the heated windshield wiper.

  23. Car Stereo

    Was this a car review? I didn't even notice.

  24. Khamis Alkhusiabi

    How much this car?

  25. Richard Shelton

    So, right now I'm split between this new Highlander, the Terruride and the Palisade. This is gonna be tough!

  26. Mike Burke

    babe alert.

  27. akelly929

    What model camera are you using for this.its very sharp.

  28. Neck Bone

    Seems to equal or better than the Korean competition from Hyundai and Kia. The Koreans may still have the 10 year 100K mile warranty but Toyota quality is nothing to dismiss.

  29. yaahme

    How much for the Limited?

  30. razumfrackle

    Lexus has to be upset.

  31. MetaView7

    Is this a stretched RAV4?

  32. ALEX LI

    She is Almost Beautiful. She is Wearing Wedding Ring On Both Hands ? i'm Jealous Of The Guy That is Married To This Almost Beautiful Woman, is So Damn Pretty. Extremely Pretty Woman She is.

  33. pbbb07

    Thank you for the very informative video!

  34. Ambar Rana

    Maggie took all the attention away from Highlander.

  35. Jenn & Bob Stevens

    U R PERFECT!!! I mean Maggie.

  36. Laura Thomas

    Please make sure the new Highlander has a duel exhaust system on at least the high performance model!

  37. Rob Escano

    Good morning love you video excellent job Toyota Highlander??

  38. zeto hojoin

    Sequoia is better


    Excellent video I congratulate you for your beautiful presentation of the 2020 Highlander, Your smile, Human quality is reflected in each presentation I send a warm greeting from Toyota Visalia attentively Master Senior Sales At Groppeettiauto, have a good day the rest of the day

  40. Mohammed Al Shehri

    Very nice car but i think that its limited for north America markets, I'm wondering why Toyota didn't bring Highlander into Gulf state markets, we have a huge market here as well, shame on you Toyota!

  41. Edward Brinson

    MCM – Good review. Question – is the cabin (driver side) wider than the current Highlander?

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