Zoolander 2 Trailer (2016) — Paramount Pictures
Zoolander 2 Trailer (2016) — Paramount Pictures

Zoolander 2 Trailer (2016) — Paramount Pictures

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Ben Stiller is back as Derek Zoolander in the new Zoolander 2 trailer. Zoolander 2 is coming to theaters February 12, 2016.

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43 отзывов - Zoolander 2 Trailer (2016) — Paramount Pictures

  1. same shit (american shit)

  2. these haters are nothing more than an existence of being terrible hahaha the movies great spark up a bowl and enjoy dude

  3. I think I'm going to love this movie cause everyone seems to hate on it for some personal reason.

  4. There should be a third movie where Jacob Sartorius is the "Chosen" one.

  5. i need to see this when it comes out :3

  6. why do people not like justin beiber?

  7. will ferrell XD the only thing makes me smile in that trialer

  8. fuck ya, love it.

  9. The first instance of it I remember was Jamie-Lynn Sigler in Entourage, and I thought it was a definite fluke and maybe poor decision making and desperation to remain on a popular show, but then came things like The Dictator and now this!! The Hollywood WHORES have become so blatant and proud to be that, that it must mean that they are either totally out of touch, or you the sheep of the viewing audience even in middle America have been conditioned by now to the point where you totally consider it normal, acceptable and worthy of exaltation to be a blatant fucking slut ass fucking cum dumpster cunt!!!

  10. SPOILER ALERT Miley Cyrus dies within the first five minutes by taking about as many bullets as she does dicks on a slow day.

  11. Justin Bieber ? fucking Justin Bieber

  12. is that Yoko Ono?

  13. fucking sucks! when i saw bieber i knew this was going to be a unfunny sequel.

  14. (1:001:04) I'm dying, but first Lemme take a #Selfie LMAO??????????????

  15. Whatt Justin Bieber omg omg???

  16. lol bieber can be the new spiderman!!

  17. The ultimate movie for gay people

  18. I was extremely disapointed in this sequel. Extremely. I know 5 dollars isn't a lot of money but had i knowned, i wouldn't have watched it if they paid me. Especially after having watched the first one, which i laughed my ass off the whole movie, the second one i laughed like 2-3 times. This is a disgrace.

  19. They're killing the world most beautiful people? Thank god they stupid cuz I don't want to die

  20. she s pretty i trust her LOL

  21. Worst movie ever ….plz dont waste your time on this watch wedding crasher or the internship for owen wilson!

  22. I only watched this for Cruz.

  23. 0:07 Wait… Korean in the magazine ??

  24. How do you spell the name of that transgender model ? Ol or All ? Or something else ?

  25. I feel like the only reason they added Bieber dying was to sell more… Because come on… Who doesn't wanna see that ?
    The rest of the movie was pretty shitty… There were a couple of funny parts… But if you want to enjoy it then watch it while you are drunk…

  26. Just because it contains too much..and Justin b. made it over the limit.. I said nope!

  27. I was going to watch this film after loving the first one but then I saw "Justin Bigcocksuckerneedstodie" was in it…… "Fuck this shit I'm out"

  28. Yesssss! They killed Bieber!

  29. Fountain of youth huh?defineantily just like pirates of the Caribbean and the fountain of youth…

  30. Lol I love this trailer

  31. Watched it today. It was like punisment to watch it till end. Without exaggeration worst movie that I have ever seen. Childish plot, shitty movie and actors

  32. Honestly? Zoolander 1 was a pretty good film……… Lets say 8/10….. Zoolander 2 was easily about a 7/10. Not QUITE as good as the original? But in no way is it "garbage"……….. Hipsters have made Internet reviews MEANINGLESS by an absurd, self-indulgent practice of dissecting films that simply don't need to be dissected……….. they do this because they have nothing original to call their own, and must therefore lambast older content, and think this practice has "worth". It doesn't. It's a ZOOLANDER SEQUEL you bitchy twats, what did you expect? I thought it was really good and lived up to the original just fine. Stop being overly harsh on everything because you think it's trendy. It isn't. Show me the ANYTHING that YOU'VE made that was better. Exactly. So shut the fuck up.

  33. Wait, what happened to Zoolader's wife and kid?

  34. I actually liked this movie. it was very funny. XD

  35. Watched it because of Justin, he was the best part and everything else was cringy af ? he should've had a longer role

  36. cuando vi que mataron a Justin beber me morí de la risa y mi hermana de 3 dijo gracias Sr- ja ja

  37. Was that Joe Jonas at 0:26????

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