World Record 209 three pointers in a row by 60 year old man
World Record 209 three pointers in a row by 60 year old man

World Record 209 three pointers in a row by 60 year old man

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The world’s greatest free throw shooter Fred Newman setting a World Record by making 209 three pointers in a row.

Fred Newman is in the documentary «Quantum Hoops» about the Caltech basketball team and their record 21 year losing streak.

This is not an actual scene from the movie. This is an edited version of tape he sent to Guiness to become the world record holder. The actual tape has no cuts and is 45 minutes long.

«Quantum Hoops» is now available on DVD!

For more info about the movie check out


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35 отзывов - World Record 209 three pointers in a row by 60 year old man

  1. He makes Steph Curry look weak af

  2. I'd like to see him:

    1. Move around
    2. Show the actual complete footage with other people in the gym moving around.

    This doesn't show either. For that reason, I'm out!

  3. Bruh look closely in the video, it's just replaying the only shot he made

  4. Fake the clips are the same

  5. blahhh blahhhh I get it : )>

  6. There just replaying the video he's doing the same thing every time

  7. 1:54 bet he attempted more than 10 times lol

  8. This shit is fake..They just keep playing the same couple of clips over and over again and the time going way to slow for a old man that has to get his own rebound

  9. mothafucka lookin like Bill Gates

  10. Are You Shore It's Real

  11. This guy has the nerve to criticize other people's shots, he has one of the worst shooting forms I've ever seen

  12. They should put his free throw animation in mycarrer in nba 2k17!

  13. Lol this guy just got lucky 209 times in a row this form is cringworthy af

  14. Pp:

    You can't fool Guinness fucking retards!!!!They document and approve all records extensively! do some research retards! !!!!

  15. I just noticed shots 57 and 58 are the same video..? 2:332:38

  16. It's obviously not fake because of the way the ball goes in the hoop

  17. He made like 5 shots and then they kept replaying them shots over and over

  18. Dame that is a repetition

  19. Curry should learn from him

  20. Straight shots like that aren't even that hard. Was expecting maybe corner shots or something :/

  21. his shot is so consisting it looks like they replaying the same clip

  22. Where you at Curry ??

  23. its being reAPETED

  24. there just replaying the same thing

  25. He should replace curry in the finals each time they get there

  26. Same clips over and over

  27. y'all needa stfu wit y'all broke ass I mean really no shit he's 60 he ain't fucking curry Daaamn niggas deese days

  28. there just playing the clip over Nd over…..

  29. He probably took lots of shots and only put the good shots in the video

  30. They just keep replaying the video

  31. easily faked yall niggas got me fucked up

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