Westworld: Teaser Trailer (HBO)
Westworld: Teaser Trailer (HBO)

Westworld: Teaser Trailer (HBO)

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48 отзывов - Westworld: Teaser Trailer (HBO)

  1. Thirteen floor

  2. I'm in love with Dolores

  3. I think the man in black may be the gunslinger

  4. At first I was skeptical, fearing that JJ Abrams will fornicate the movie into a huge mess. After watching the premier episode I was blown away. Very well done and I would think that Michael Crighton would have been impressed with the way they are handling it. Now, JJ could drop a big "movie turd" in the coming episodes, but I am hooked for now!!

  5. i will watch first episode not sure if will continue

  6. If they have the technology to make a Wild West World with robot cowboys, then why didn't they use it to make an island full of robot dinosaurs?

  7. Damn it, I thought I destroyed the Institute

  8. Best TV series ever made

  9. Loved the premier last night, looking forward to the rest of the season. Does anyone know who composed or what the name of this track for the trailer is?

  10. I was sold the moment I saw Anthony Hopkins


  12. THIS IS NOTHING LIKE GAME OF THRONES, AND THE IDIOTS IN THIS COMMENT SECTION WHO THINK WESTWOOD IS GOOD  ARE YOUR TYPICAL WEEBO BRAINDEAD  NORMIES WHO GO TO SEE  ALL THE TRANSFORMER MOVIES THINKING " THE LAST 3 WERE BAD BUT I KNOW THIS ONE IS GONNA BE GREAT" !!!!!!! lol   , I watched the premier this Sunday,,, Westwood is more formulaic garbage,, ((( Hollywood ))) cant produce anything original anymore  , so they push this contrived bullshit based on algorithms,,,, they figure what will draw audiences in ,,, Sex, gratuitous violence and a  plotline we have seen in 6 different movies, throw it in a blender and you have WESTWOOD , a steamy pile of shit… ,, more  popcorn for the idiots,,,,,, NEXT!!!!

  13. HBO and Netflix are fucking killing it!

  14. does this have anything to do with the movie or…….

  15. aka western Dollhouse

  16. this looks EPIC…..pleasedon'tfuckituppleasedon'tfuckitupplease….

  17. Anthony Hopkins love it !!!! Great Pick. He's an amazing actor great to see such a talented actor playing this part! !!!!! 🙂 10/2/2016 West World on HBO

  18. Just a few hours to go for the show to be released guys! :D

  19. Westworld fans group is already out there , feel free to join us !

  20. so looking forward to this tv series. anthony fricking hopkins on a tv show ! ! ! and what a stacked cast besides him ! ! ! !

  21. Was that Eric Bana talking at the beginning of the trailer?

  22. I can't wait……………….this will beat the rest ..love Rodrigo Santoro

  23. Silence of the VR

  24. Teaser half irritates and half works. The staccato cutting doesn't have to exist in a teaser. Got something? Then show me. I wonder if I really like this because I miss Arizona.

  25. ''What are your drives?''
    ''To meet my maker.''
    Omnious laughter from the host, suspicious and worrying glare from Hopkins.
    Man that's acting, I can't wait to see that scene.

  26. 看預告就覺得非常棒!! ^^


  27. Damn it HBO sigh, did you really pull this of??!

  28. What is this, a more violent and cowboyish take on the game Inside?

    Also….James Marsden. That is all.

  29. Again the producers like Trump, have taken the stance of not having any Hispanics as cast members! If that's not racism then what would you call it???????

  30. This is the NPC's revolution

  31. Omfg this looks so good, awesome trailer! ? Erie, Twisted, SiFi, Western and just fucked up lolLooks like my perfect dream of a Tv series! HBO you are amazing!

  32. dont know… feels like its a mix of blade runner and westworld

  33. Wait JJ Abrahms? Ok so let's see what feminist stuff he pushes with this series. Hmmm…ok a woman in a STEM field, or if this is in old times there will be a female doctor, scientist or something. Women will beat up men but you won't see violence against women (on the rare occasion they do decide to do that so they don't completely give themselves away it will be toward robots). A man will fail as a leader and a woman will step in to fill his place and set things right (vote hillary wink wink)

    If he just put his name on it and didn't do much else this might turn out ok.

  34. dollhouse vibes anyone?

  35. I trying not to get over hyped for this, but GOT DAMN This looks like it can be amazing !

  36. This. Looks. AWESOME.

  37. Looks like it's going to be the next Game of Thrones, so looking forward to this?

  38. ano que vem vai estar disputando o emmy, e é muito bom ver um artista Brasileiro, como o Rodrigo Santoro, fazendo sucesso nos EUA.

  39. walking dead and this what more could you ask for from october

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