Underworld: Blood Wars Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Kate Beckinsale Movie
Underworld: Blood Wars Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Kate Beckinsale Movie

Underworld: Blood Wars Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Kate Beckinsale Movie

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Starring: Kate Beckinsale, Lara Pulver, Theo James
Underworld: Blood Wars Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Kate Beckinsale Movie

Vampire death dealer, Selene (Kate Beckinsale) fights to end the eternal war between the Lycan clan and the Vampire faction that betrayed her.

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32 отзывов к статье Underworld: Blood Wars Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Kate Beckinsale Movie

  1. Zripz

    pls sub me i play tf2, growtopia and call of duty

  2. Emma Gabon

    so excited. been a fan ever since. selene is badass!

  3. andrew davis

    good ad 50 seconds of actual movie footage the rest from the other movies……..ehhhhhhh

  4. Martin Reiter

    upper constitute she offer academic.

  5. Dean Vukovic

    I think since this is now with this movie they are starting new trilogy of underworld movies and they have 3 movies planned and they are even talking about tv-show as well, but this movie will be directed by woman and they started previous trilogy with the rise of lycans and they never even finished it after that movie we didn't even find out anything about victor vampire who survived a tthe end of that movie and this new movies will be based on new character from previous underworld movie from 2012 which was very bad movie and without victor and bill there is not underworld movie for me so I hope I am wrong but I have a felling this one will be bad as well..I prey I am wrong..

  6. sackcheck

    The only thing new about this Underworld is Selene's smoker voice.

  7. Reza Lustig

    Do these people not realize that those trailers from Tropic Thunder were supposed to be satirical?

  8. kayto bayoca

    its not the final chapter its not like resident evil…so there is no michael…theres no reason to understand..god made world..haha LOL

  9. Theodosios-James Xylos

    i wonder if this will suck more than the other ones….that would be a record of its own.

  10. Quentin Walravens

    You take Matrix, you put vampires and wolfs in it, boom, there you have your trailer … Really !?

  11. ali sahin


  12. Johnny Strife

    Can't believe they're still making movies in this shitty series.

  13. Kelly Janes

    Underworld: Blood Wars Movie Available in hd Quality
    Stream Now::::::::::https://twitter.com/BetaMovieHD/status/783293766257905666

  14. NeoNavigator

    this movie should be called BRAIN DEAD. same old shit again and again.

  15. 8Shawn4

    I really hope this is better than that last pile of crap!!

  16. Clobberin' Time

    this will be sikko

  17. Bryan Lee

    Four?? is that you??

  18. Jey Tee

    I guess it's true what they say: "There will ALWAYS be people dumb enough to consume the rotting carcass of a dead horse after it's been beaten beyond death"

  19. Dave Barista

    The Queen is back!

  20. Moonchild1607

    This intellectual property is like cheap wine, it doesn't age very well..

  21. Luna Mayo

    Underworld: Blood Wars Movie Available in [HD] Quality
    Stream Now:::::::http://linkis.com/movieweb.online/play/erK9z

  22. newlife

    this is becoming like the resident evil series..heck ill watch it on dvd

  23. super dude

    a new war that's sucks get it a vampire movie hhhhhh I'm hilarious

  24. Ensa Shahzad

    Did anyone else get a heart attack when they saw Theo James (Four from Divergent) in this. I nearly dropped my phone!!

  25. BooBop1987

    That is something!

  26. Jakar Umbra

    Needs more Sorin Markov.

  27. zerv walsh

    Im gonna be broke in 2017.

  28. Black Heart

    Four ?! ?

  29. Zoro Solos

    Where tf is Micheal & their daughter???

  30. James

    Thought I was watching a fanmade mish-mash, then I see 'BlackJack Randel,' I know that everything's gonna be okay.

  31. Christian Haegler

    Last movie everything was so big about the humans intervening into the war and now there`s nothing?
    I want more Extermination of these abominations by the righteous fury of da Humies!

  32. Asad Durrani

    Is this the End of the Series?

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