Tim Kreitz Adventures • Channel Trailer 2
Tim Kreitz Adventures • Channel Trailer 2

Tim Kreitz Adventures • Channel Trailer 2

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Watch my videos and all your wildest dreams will come true!


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27 отзывов - Tim Kreitz Adventures • Channel Trailer 2

  1. the leopard print is so hot right now haha! I look forward to your new vids dude

  2. really cool channel Tim thanks for subbing let me know what ya think

  3. LMAO…..Was checking out your channel….BACON!!  Great videos!!!

  4. Pretty funny man

  5. Excellent trailer mate. Shows your style very well indeed. All good stuff…and that Sonofabitch joke still tickles me when i think about it. Brilliant! :D

  6. LOL — excellent trailer mate, should encourage all who are stout of heart to brave a sub, I reckon :-)

  7. Great trailer Tim, all the best bits and more, RSM8.

  8. Hell yea. Great trailer. That's how you reel em in! I'd sub twice if I could. Cheers from another TX motovlogger!

  9. I love out of context clips! Aaaalways fun, and as always, very well done good sir!

  10. That was totally awesome!  Loved it!

  11. Awesome great edit

  12. Absolutely brilliant and hilarious! :-)

  13. haha, i really enjoyed this man. You guys have an awesome sense of humor.


  15. Great new channel trailer mate :D.

  16. Love it!  My wildest dreams have come true since watching your videos, so I can vouch for the efficacy of your channel's powers!  Much love, brother.

  17. HaHa! Lots of gold moments in there! I am going to have to go back through your back catalogue some more!

  18. Well mate, I think that just about sums you up. ;o) Niiiiiiiiiiice!

  19. Some great stuff there buddy!

  20. Nice! That would def make me sub….. if I wasn't already ;)

  21. Hell Yeah Bro cant wait!!

  22. Great trailer +Tim Kreitz Adventures All the +Tim Kreitz Adventures goodness we have come to expect and that is only scratching the surface… I've really enjoyed all your vids… This reminds me that I need to update my channel trailer…

  23. Great stuff man. Pretty funny. 

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