The Sacketts — Tyrel Sackett vs. Reed Carney
The Sacketts — Tyrel Sackett vs. Reed Carney

The Sacketts — Tyrel Sackett vs. Reed Carney

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A fine showdown-scene.
Not necessarily what one expects…but all other possible events would have been dull…
And this solution is typical again for a story of Louis L’Amour!


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16 отзывов - The Sacketts — Tyrel Sackett vs. Reed Carney

  1. Matt Dillon must have fired newly.

  2. logan sackett beats them all..

  3. The actual book was better.

  4. Tyrel Sackett is a boss bae!!!!! This series is the bomb!!!

  5. Chemtrails and CHEMCLOUDS added in digitally

  6. Sacketts rule. But Kilkenny is the king :)

  7. what this movie name

  8. Buck Taylor who plays Carney has a long history in westerns. He was in Tombstone, Cowboys and Aliens, the Alamo, Gettysburg (not a western), Wild Wild West, Roughriders and scores of others. Good actor.

  9. a bit different from the embarrassing story of what Tyrel actually did to Reed in the book though
    but then you'd have to read the scene in the book wouldn't you?
    a great moment in L'Amour writing history

  10. anyone else recognize reed carney as Buck Taylor who played the blacksmith turned deputy on Gunsmoke (Newly O'brien)…?

  11. Well Carney, that was embarrassing, but at least you lived (for now). Cool scene. I enjoyed this movie. 

  12. Back when men were men

  13. I remember watching this. Reed Carney was a real dick!

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