The Prototype Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2013) – Andrew Will Sci-Fi Movie HD
The Prototype Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2013) – Andrew Will Sci-Fi Movie HD

The Prototype Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2013) – Andrew Will Sci-Fi Movie HD

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The Prototype Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2012) – Andrew Will Sci-Fi Movie HD

After the hit Act of Valor, The Bandito Brothers and writer/director Andrew Will will spearhead The Prototype, a Sci-Fi thriller.


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43 отзывов к статье The Prototype Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2013) – Andrew Will Sci-Fi Movie HD

  1. vrilX


  2. Aditya Vishwakarma

    resembles the crysis suit..

  3. pepetito chow

    Uncle Benjen

  4. Shane Hornsey

    am i the only one that thinks he looks like the clockwork assassin guy from hellboy?

  5. Eyu Rem

    wtf. i still waiting this movie, since 2013

  6. Thomas Giles

    Does this have a different name? I can't find it on imdb anywhere.

  7. inyournightdreams

    Dug up some more information at where Mike Fleming Jr. says:
    This is a hot package for an under $40 million action thriller in the vein of District 9 that wasn’t supposed to be auctioned until after I got back from vacation after July 4. Then the teaser leaked. Andrew Will is the writer and director and his producing partner is Shawn Wallace, and they have been working with Cantina Creative and the Bandito Bros in scouting, designing tests for the action scenes, etc.

    There could also be a lot of legal things about the name of the movie, since there is another movie called "The Prototype" that was to be released in December 2015.

  8. Eren Gezer

    This is Crysis movie :D

  9. adamland12345

    the view count says more than enough. this project should not have been cancelled.

  10. MeDweD W KaMaZe

    soon will be 2013 year?

  11. Uriel Perez


  12. CrimsonGhost7XX

    Carl Kroenen mask on the robot

  13. Badhon Ebrahim

    this movie never released…. wouldve made $500ml easily.

  14. Elvin Eliasson

    Judge herb there fpznb though.

  15. Spywareg Smith

    Protoype is the movie or the movie name? lol.. come to think if they already had the trailer that means the must have the movie done.. maybe some editing but thats it….

  16. Yuvraj Gupta

    Wtf*** there is no #Prototype film on Internet. This is really very bad joke….

  17. Dastvan

    I would watch this back then
    I would watch this when it was scheduled to come out
    I would watch this right now

  18. Hunta von dornda

    The trailer was actually the whole movie

  19. TheMinecraftGamer Master of PVP

    The prototype game is cool

  20. Noel Hernandez

    please tell me that it reminded some of you of that movie called 9

  21. Damon Santori

    Seriously where the hell is this movie??? WTF!?!? WAAAAIITTIINNGGGG

  22. Koren Genile Elric


  23. andres vanegas

    Wtf Ruprecht¿

  24. PatD17th


  25. David Hunter

    He's wearing the Crysis suit.

  26. Kelly KitKat

    35 million views!!
    The Trailer for Terminator Genisys has only about 10 million hits.
    So, why has this movie been censored?

  27. dereck garduño

    Crysis? xD

  28. Xian H

    Legends say,this film is still coming.

  29. GoisBR


  30. Metrixoo & Tutoriales fran

    OK Im Alex Mercer

  31. Indigo ॐ

    2045 – Still waiting …

  32. Gunblade



    Loved it! 10/10 Would Watch Again!!!

  34. Saurav Chaudhary

    this is Trent reznor, for sure

  35. Orkun Sevengil

    We are waiting for The Prototype 2 trailer.

  36. Bela BeLA

    This is not real Alex Mercer i m mad!

  37. Shashank Shukla

    is the movie released yet?

  38. A Good Nut

    those are some nice Knox handroids the robot has

  39. AngryCornflakes


  40. Sean Scudder

    ya know I was really hoping for a movie on the prototype games

  41. mirul miirrai

    wtf y?

  42. Harold Carmen

    it looks promising. But i think they didnt push through for some reason. shame.

  43. samworthick

    does anyone remember this movie? LOL

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