The Pianist (2002) Trailer

The Pianist (2002) Trailer
Director: Roman Polanski
Adrien Brody,Thomas Kretschmann,Frank Finlay,Maureen Lipman,Emilia Fox


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The Pianist (2002) Trailer

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30 отзывов к статье The Pianist (2002) Trailer

  1. ankit jangra

    Love this movie. how to get this soundtrack?

  2. 0 0

    Zio-Jew propaganda to cover their war crimes against Palestine.

  3. Gentuchan

    MY FEELS ಥ_ಥ

  4. Ayla Mao

    anti-white Jew propaganda filth

  5. Rusty Nail

    and just think this is coming to America soon except for it will be not only Jewish but all religion

  6. d1st4rbed

    they speak freaking english in that movie are they not polish wudifuk? :)

  7. Raptor819

    I just saw this movie and holy shit…. it's just a masterpiece.

  8. HarlemBro

    So much bullshit in these comments i cant even..

  9. Soleil Magica

    Movie was okay. Too predictable.

  10. Karl Vince Casitas


  11. Beanie Baby

    You guys should watch Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told. Its 6 hours and 30 minutes long. Its much better than this Hollywood made jewish propaganda.

  12. Saeeda Miah

    i watched this in history and i was crying so much when they threw that poor old man out the window and im in bloody year 7. humans are disgraceful, well some of them

  13. Vincent Scott

    what gets me crying in the movie is when the Nazis killed children ;(

  14. Walter White


  15. Hi Everyone

    Yep, strong and emotional movie, this one and Schindler's List. When is someone going to make a movie about the Native Americans genocide? It was much worse than the Holocaust.

  16. Alex SH

    This is a kind of movie that destroys your mood for a few days, and keeps you think about how evil we humans are….

  17. Universal Videos

    jewish are "victims" like always and still going "today"

  18. ronald laury

    this is a great flick

  19. Jakob Englund

    This was the worst trailer I've ever seen

  20. Qadehar Potter

    Fucking dirty yids !

  21. DJ EmiRoose

    bu guzellikde filmin sikeyim boyle trailerini!

  22. dimitri astier

    ils ne se sont jamais révoltés ils ont vu des gens se faire exécuter devant eux, ils avaient peur de mourir les juifs ont peur, ils pleurent et se lamentent mais n'ont jamais eu le courage de prendre l'avantage, il aurait suffit qu'ils se révoltent….

  23. dimitri astier

    nice movie i laughted a lot

  24. Adobe Rashad

    We need another film for Palestinian peoples who killed everyday by the zionist jews, I wished Hitler killed everyone of them.

  25. i am the one

    this kind of movies make me hate the Germans

  26. Kay Dash

    he won an oscar for best actor for this film

  27. Naze Bozbay

    cok guzel chopin nocturne calabiliyorum

  28. Lukas Canivilo

    De que compositor es?

  29. Val B.

    I get to watch this movie for a school assessment. I can't explain how excited I am – for a test.

  30. Marilyn Guevara

    cómo se llama esta interpretación?

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