THE MASTER Official Trailer (2012) Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman [HD]
THE MASTER Official Trailer (2012) Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman [HD]

THE MASTER Official Trailer (2012) Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman [HD]

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The Master — Official Trailer (2012)

Release Date: September 14, 2012
Studio: The Weinstein Company
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Screenwriter: Paul Thomas Anderson
Starring: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix, Jesse Plemons, David Warshofsky, Amy Adams, Rami Malek
Genre: Drama

Plot Summary: Set in America in the years following World War II, a charismatic intellectual (Philip Seymour Hoffman) launches a faith-based organization and taps a young drifter (Joaquin Phoenix) as his right-hand man. But as the faith begins to gain a fervent following, the onetime vagabond finds himself questioning the belief system he has embraced, and his mentor.


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44 отзывов - THE MASTER Official Trailer (2012) Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman [HD]

  1. Rest in peace, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

  2. This trailer perfectly captures the movie

  3. Great Cinematography by Mihai Malaimare Jr., great music, mesmerizing Joaquin!!

  4. yes the movie  does resemble the tenets of scientology seen it a couple of time very interesting ensemble of character rivers and Hoffman shine

  5. I would've given this Best Picture over Argo.

  6. Joaquin Phoenix should be casted as TwoFace

  7. Is the film better than the trailer?

  8. Phoenix looks like Daniel Day-Lewis here.

  9. Is this movie about the early days of Scientology?
    Has a lot of elements that remind me of L Ron Hubbard

  10. I'm not confused that people didn't love this movie — it was weird, but, Jesus, it was great

  11. This movie got right under my skin and has stayed there. Fucking incredible

  12. That, "Touch the window, touch the wall, touch the window" scene is straight from USMC boot camp lmfao they do that to you for hours.

  13. Lincoln is a very good Hallmark TV movie of the week.
    The Master is a great film.

  14. The most underrated film of all time. People are gonna look back on this shit 50 years from now and itll be known as the greatest film ever made

  15. A masterpiece period

  16. Joaquin did say the Oscar nod was bull?!&& but he knew he wouldn't win. I agree that he should have an Oscar by now. Look at his performances his ability to play heart grabbing Roles is incredible very underrated actor

  17. Why is this rated only 1 star on Netflix?

  18. If we are not helping him then it is we who have failed him.

    Perhaps he's passed help; or insane.

    Best Picture of the past 20 years.

  19. There are women on the outside who will not understand the condition you men have.

  20. I really love this movie more with each viewing. Although I think There Will Be Blood is probably 'objectively' better (whatever that means) I sometimes like The Master more, and that's really saying a lot

  21. How the fuck did this movie not get nominated for academy for cinematography is still a mystery to me and made me distrust the awards. People must be fucking blind in the academy jury. This movie was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. Every frame was literally a painting.

  22. The more i watch it, the more confounding and beautiful the film gets. This a movie what some people would call SUBLIME. My god this film is beautiful. Thank you PTA, thank you so much.

  23. A fucking robbery JQ didn't win an Oscar for this role. A fucking… robbery…

  24. Man this movie yielded two of the best performances I've ever seen. So good.

  25. Is it just me or does this trailer contain shots which were not present in the final cut of the film?

  26. This was an oscar performance by Phoenix, no less.

  27. god that man of steel chick is soooo fuckin annoying

  28. Good ole cleft lip Phoenix

  29. 0:28 does anybody knows this soundtrack name ????

  30. This is a kind of film that asks a lot of questions, but doesn't answer much, which means you will have to, in the days after you watched it. I loved it!

  31. 1. Scorsese, 2. Kubrick, 3. PT Anderson. All amazing and i respect your opinion

  32. Greatest film ever made

  33. best hand job award?

  34. Scientology: The Movie

  35. Superb acting and great cast, however, a rather dull storyline and poor pacing made this movie seem like an eternity of boredom.

  36. But why does Philip Seymour Hoffman is in every Paul Thomas anderson movie tho?

  37. Hands down the best movie of its year. This is art.

  38. What's with all the dislikes?

  39. There was a trailer called "The abstract master" or something like that, and it was this trailer with a bunch of weird optical illusions mixed in, like people's faces were shrinking and bloating, and stuff like that. Can anyone find this trailer for me? I can't find it anymore

  40. A lot of these scenes were not in the version I watched on Netflix. is there a theatrical and extended?

  41. You know what I pity ? People who have no better use of time than trolling in the Paul thomas anderson comments on youtube . That's pathetic .

  42. On area station making telemetry with english fifty years but won't let me post anymore on twitter but still can be read.

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