The Machinist trailer
The Machinist trailer

The Machinist trailer

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Trailer from the 2004 film The Machinst.
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Starring Christian Bale and Jennifer Jason Leigh.


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  1. anyone else know that all he ate was cofee and apples for 2 months JUST for this movie?

  2. What a fucking AWESOME movie!

  3. Read this film is someone based about Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails, hence the characters name Trevor Reznik, but don't go off my word. Read some Nine Inch Nails lyrics.

  4. Reminded me of fight club and a little bit of Momento.

  5. Christian Bale literally looked like a skeleton in this movie. I had to turn it off because I was so grossed out.

  6. EDG:

    why is it 240p?

  7. Y u do this to us Batman :'(
    U were da hero gotham deserves and needed rite nw sniff

  8. Very Hitchcock

  9. One of the most stupid movies ive ever seen

  10. This is unnerving and gruesome. Looks like a good movie but I think I would crap myself if I ever saw it

  11. Do people really lose weight when they don;'t sleep? never heard of it

  12. who's here from watchmojo?

  13. Spoiler Alert

    the movie is all about the battle between men and his conscience, that impossible to win. in the end it will overtake you.

    but unfortunately, in reality, there is a lot of bad people in our planet that doing very bad things and have no conscience.

  14. Movie made in 2004 film looks like it was from 1990

  15. Masterpiece of the century!! Just so deep and amazingly created

  16. that face of ivan just really creeps me out. and i dont even find anything creepy at all

  17. Never understood why people liked this and shutter island. Just some imaginations from some mentally unstable people. The director could just put in whatever that doesn't make sense into the movie because the lead actor is crazy after all. Seriously, what's good with these kind of movies?

  18. this is my favourite movie. so fucking creepy but so fucking good

  19. Who is here from Mathew Santoro?

  20. hasnt slept for a year?? yeah right thats ridiculous even for a dang movie

  21. Fuck Batman VS Superman movies, this is the real deal.

  22. One of my favourite films.

  23. When he's gonna eat ? xD

  24. one of the best movies in the world with the best actor in the world. I recommend this movie for people who like psychological movies.

  25. one of the best movies in the world with the best actor in the world. I recommend this movie for people who like psychological movies.

  26. This movie will blow your mind
    Christian Bale shows to everyone why he's one of the best actors, not even for the weight loss, he performs perfect.

  27. I have insomnia 24 fucking 7 is 3:44 am and I haven't slept in 2 days now

  28. I have insomnia 24 fucking 7 is 3:44 am and I haven't slept in 2 days now

  29. Am i the only one that didnt get mindfucked?
    Like the whole its my imagination thing was kind of easy to figure out no?

  30. Really good movie!!!

  31. -Oh really and who are you?
    -I'm Batman

  32. Creepy little P***jung movie. Jennifer JL is great too. Killer. Tic tax toe. Trailer a bit weak

  33. I really hate to say this, but I was underwhelmed with this film, I sort of pieced the puzzle together before the big "twist", which I saw coming. Never knew a thing about the movie or what it was about, just watched it cold screening. The script was weak, the only brilliant thing was Bale and his superior acting, very weak supporting cast and disappointing dialogue. It was clear as daylight that his mother died in a crash and that maria wasn't real, the time on the clock gave that away. Many things were very straight forward and linear. If anything it wasn't the "mindfuck" I was after, my thirst for a pure mind fuck was not satiated, still brilliant performance and amazing dedication to the character by Bale, I just found it sad but nothing more. The entire movie can be summed up by the ride he took Nicholas on, from that point I figured everything out, except I thought he was Nicholas and he was imagining his mother. He shouldn't have kept driving after the accident. sorry for splrs

  34. How didn't he get that Oscar?!??

  35. i actually did the diet he did to get that skinny, my boobs shrunk and i tripped over the loose skin lol xxx

  36. Oh yes, there's super technology, there's computer graphics, there are slim actors, but of course, the best choice is to take a mr muscle and get him to lose weight.
    This is what I call "genius"

  37. What's the symbolism of the clock saying "1:30:01" then going to "1:30:02" then back to "1:30:01"?

  38. can someone tell me or rate the movie for me 10 is the highest, thanks the treailer is terrible but Ido believe the movie is good I just don't to be disappointed, thanks.

  39. the best mindfuck movie ever

  40. no la entiendo con doblaje al español. Leonardoskarbun 54-15-5148-4591. Igualmente me resulto agravante. Felicitaciones y Gracias a todos.

  41. read the comments. Now downloading the movie :D

  42. I want to watch this movie,but i can not even look at that skinny Christian..

  43. But who the fuck was that guy named Ivan?

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