The Iceman Interviews
The Iceman Interviews

The Iceman Interviews

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A documentary about the Mafia hitman
Richard «The Iceman» Kuklinski.

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36 отзывов - The Iceman Interviews

  1. lol i always sleep to his voice, so relaxing

  2. He killed so what we all are going to die

  3. God didn't know Louis C.K.'s brother was such a monster

  4. the CIA should have used this guy

  5. What a shit bag

  6. so full of shit

  7. I can't be the only nut job that kinda likes this guy. I mean he's a little likable, am I right? lol

  8. If ever someone deserved then death penalty this guy sure as fuck did.

  9. Holy shit, his young self looks a lot like James Gandolfini

  10. What in the hell is it with New Jersey? Why are the people there such pricks?

  11. Great interview

  12. If that's his best he should have been president. 

  13. Then i've come full circle.. and its time for me to die.
    watched this documentary three times now and i simply cannot find myself to hate this individual.

  14. this guy looks like Tony soprano….

  15. Imo, he was conditioned to kill and compartmentalize the same as I was as a soldier in the Gulf. You can live a sane life killing if you are conditioned that it is righteous. That is why we should always support our troops and let them know that all the killings was for a greater cause. Conditioning. We have done the opposite to many Vietnam vets, which led to psychosis. Even this guy did not torture.

  16. daddy, wish you had chosen to do ASMR videos instead of murder but it's not your fault because YouTube didn't exist back then…. love you daddy <333

  17. Does this trigger ASMR for anyone else or just me?

  18. Kill his kids. Where do they live??

  19. Sounds of lies…. Bullshit stories…

  20. 17 hours !!!???? that's a long interview haha

  21. The IceMan Confessions. Check google books. the cover is in black and red

  22. He is proud of what he did. What a cunt.

  23. praise be to ALLAH666

  24. Fucking narc is a weak bitch, he can be found AGAIN. What a bullshitter. How couldn't he be sniffed out?

  25. It's dumbasses like "noevilea" who try to give you the impression that they are cut from the same cloth as a badass but sadly they are pussies who NEVER got pussy ever in their life but have all kinds of exaggerated tales of conquests but the real shit is this — noevilea is a homosexual AIDS carrying parasite on humanity. A genius huh? A (mute) point? That is MOOT point you ignorant shit & that is only the tip of the iceberg that is the vaginal state of this jewel of a guy. You had a hard life? Try praying & hope GOD forgives your stupid ass before you condemn (not condom, which you should have made your diseased lover wear when he fucked you in the ass daily) yourself to damnation for eternity. Stupid slack jawed queen with the genius IQ… It starts with a G not Penis IQ

  26. You savage son of a bitch….. I didn't get mad until u tortured animals……….

  27. RIP Richard. A true entrepreneur. My favorite story he tells is about driving thru Georgia in the 3rd doc with the psychiatrist. Those guys had it coming and got what they deserved.

  28. Jeez, what a creep. Possessed by something not human.

  29. for some reason, i really don't know why, but he could have went into even more detail about what he would do to humans and i wouldn't really be all that discussed, but as soon as he said what he did to two cats i said fuck this shit, I'm out.

  30. Serial killers are puusys. Don't try to make it into anything else. They take the easy way out, That's all.

  31. @ 1:51:35 he killed Tony Soprano

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