Terminator Genisys Movie — Official Trailer
Terminator Genisys Movie — Official Trailer

Terminator Genisys Movie — Official Trailer

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He’s back. Watch the new Terminator Genisys trailer starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. http://TerminatorMovie.com


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39 отзывов - Terminator Genisys Movie — Official Trailer

  1. This movie sucked! i'm glad it flopped.

    They need to leave this franchise alone, let it die, let it die! Ghostbusters remake flopped, Terminator Geynesis (aka Throwinator Geynesis) flopped, Die Hard 5 flopped etc. they need to leave these franchises alone already and quit milking a dead cow.

    Sometimes it's better to kill something than to let it suffer and should leave well enough alone. Terminator by now is like a wounded, half-dead animal and has been for the last 24 years because the only good thing that came out in that time frame for the Franchise was the Universal 3D attraction. The other Terminators were poorly written badly directed junk even the last 2 sellout sequels to the first 2 adult oriented action films which Terminator means adult entertainment.

    I'm glad it flopped as it's time for Hollywood not to mess with some things of the past as it's not the 80's/early 90's anymore and let them stay in the past onlyfor the first 2 to be cherished/loved by generations an stick to new fresh IPs like John Wick Marvel Studios, Bourne and so on. Jud in Pet Sematary did said "Sometimes dead is better!" and sometimes let sleeping dogs lie.

    Hollywood needs to focus on making good films and new franchises, not digging up old favorites and desperately mangling the corpses. The story ended in 1991, that is that.

    James Cameron is no longer James, he's now Jimmy Cammy.

  2. matt smith is in this by the way

  3. is this movie a remake of terminator 2 ???

  4. I really liked this movie why people hated it so much? At least, the good old Arnold is back.

  5. this reinvented the series

  6. They shouldve had the Terminator take on the Alien/Predator combo and see which one lives. Could Barbie / Ken doll all the fight scenes with little kids going' bang..boom..schlarnk or something. But keep Arnie in it. He's awesome. Or maybe have it go against Granny Clampett when shes been nursing herself with Shine. Those fight scenes would be awesome two. Bet Ellie May could kick the robots ass. Shes tough..real tough..toughly tough. Or maybe Jethro is just too much of a hippie. 

  7. the trailer better than the whole movie

  8. must be unbelievable the number of females who have fallen in love with the big man over the decades of blockbusters……… lol, but to sum up, the film was shite!! decent effort, just too new generation conscious….. mind you, I'll pay ANYTHING to watch ANYTHING with Emilia Clarke in it, her smile makes my dick harder than valerian steel……… GODDESS.

  9. Song iz amazing :D

  10. oh my god, i just watching this!! and i found alot theory about "time", and the theory might be true! BEST MOVIE ABOUT SCIFI I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! thx alot for all ppl and the productor who create this amazing movie!! i hope it will be continued!!

  11. too confusing..the actors don't look like the original actors…this shit movie was wack…

  12. fuckin best period

  13. You think it's over? Oh no,this movie made 440.6 million.Are you ready for the next one?

  14. this movie was proof that emilia clarke has nothing more than boobs

  15. the hell john connor and kyle ugly as fuck

  16. This franchise is like a rotting corpse. Different scientists try to revive it and get something out of it but with every try it just gets even more mangled and mutilated.

  17. Is this a remake of the first terminator ?

  18. I haven't been able to see this movie….I need to know who Matt smith is playing…..I need to figure out this timeline I was mind fuck last time I tried to wrap my head around this movie saga

  19. If just you guys didn't carelessly added the "vital spoiler" in the trailer, you probably would get a better reviews.

  20. where are you james cameron..

  21. like movie the great

  22. if they kept the bad terminator as the t-1000 and had him evolve over time, making the john Connor reveal make more sense, switch the casting of Kyle and Sarah, and had a better script, this would have saved this movie.

  23. I loved Terminator Genisys let the hate flow

  24. Why did everyone give this movie so much shit? Please someone list their reasons.

  25. F S:

    genisys is one of the worst movies. i cant believe it how bad it was.

  26. peeple sed dis film was rubbish butt i jus wacht it & it was better dan all da termys cept 1 n 2 butt was as gud,scroow yoo peeple,brilliant film!

  27. I thought this movie was really great.

  28. We need to send a terminator back in time to stop all sequels after Judgement Day

  29. I didn't like this movie,the only good thing about the movie is that I learned what "Bite me" means.

  30. Can someone tell me why this is considered horrible?

  31. I think it's a real shame this movie was so negatively received. Easily the best once since T2. I'd love to see a wrap up movie, war based, focussing on humanity's final triumph over the machines with subplots that tie all the time travelling stories together to the victorious outcome, with Arnie playing a part. It would take a hell of a script but this franchise deserves a decent finale.

  32. is that the same music of dawn of the planet of theapes

  33. It's kinda sad that they won't be making more of these films

  34. Better the t3 and salvation in my opinion. First two will obviously still be the best

  35. This Sarah Conner was more like Katniss Everdeen than Sarah Conner

  36. Holy shit. The movie is amazing. I used to watch all the terminator movies over and over as a kid. This movie is such a great movie and makes complete sense to me.

  37. not as bad as Terminator Salvation

  38. Emilia Clarke really annoyed me in this movie. She was not a convincing Sarah Connor whatsoever. This movie didn't outright suck, I think it could have been greatly improved with better casting. The one part of I thought was outstanding was Matt smith, he played an awesome villain and I wanted more of him. But yeah the plot didn't make a whole lot of sense and they changed a lot of important aspects of the franchise (such as John Connor being a villain) for shock value and that really bothered me.

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