57391 Taylor Swift - Delicate
Taylor Swift – Delicate

Taylor Swift – Delicate

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Music video by Taylor Swift performing Delicate. ©2018 Big Machine Label Group LLC

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41 отзывов к статье Taylor Swift – Delicate

  1. infinite monkeys

    Watched the video just for the interior shots of the Biltmore.

  2. WOLFDawg MPo

    I love this song to much

  3. Liza Kolganova

    It looks like less creepy version of Kenzo World commercial!

  4. arish padani

    loved this!!!

  5. Sketchios

    so.. is this Cornelia street the one she's dancing at ?

  6. mariam sajid

    plot twist: everyone was set up to pretend she was invisible, so people can see how she acts alone

  7. Liudmila Gibbons

    Dance moves are quite clumsy, should be improved.

  8. Кирилл Медушевский


  9. Pratik

    imho this is Taylor’s best song released in recent time.

  10. Josh Owens

    This whole video is what I do in my bedroom everyday.

  11. Amani Salman

    Lol pewdiepie has more subscribers than taylor thats so weird love ya taylor

  12. Enes Beşir

    Taylor is being herself for 3.55 minutes

  13. amir pirian

    1:24 this guard cant stop laughing

  14. Brandon Patterson

    Am i the only that feels she is making fun of the girl from Sia's vids

  15. Esther Skipper45

    I luv this song

  16. Muthu Kumar

    Who came here after lover?❤️?just let we know that by an like

  17. Matteo P


  18. shanayah Tenhaaf

    yea thats really nice i love it wen she is like tht and not faking who she is

  19. Rizwana Farid

    wao song

  20. Rohan Jerath

    I'm here after listening to the whole album lover??


    My favourite song love you from India

  22. Nima Farsi

    Who's here after lover?

  23. Karen M

    This song and video is brilliant. I've always thought Taylor was very smart but as I look back…now that the Lover album is out, I'm convinced, she's a genius.

  24. Victor Gonzalez

    Taylor te amo eres grandiosa

  25. Xx JessTheDramaQueen xX

    1:25 That guy smiled… That's kind of a mistake.

  26. KayRandz

    Who came to Reputation after Her “Lover” Album Release?

  27. Hannah Kelley

    Anyone here from listening to her new album "Lover "

  28. L. G Carl

    If i become invisible i will make a fool of myself i swear ?

  29. L. G Carl

    He must like me for me

  30. Shannan Teegarden

    Let's all go Sonny rip and Cher on the world be cool be here reflecting forever and it's always delicate when you speak of the son and her especially

  31. suzycreamcheesez

    dang those false lashes!

  32. Mr Red

    This is one of the most underrated song of Taylor Swift. To my mind- this is one of her best one.

  33. Michael Lohmann

    Danke für das Video..ich mag das Lied

  34. tedfaun


  35. Azyz 1998

    I didn't watched rep tour video so I need to end the era so I can jump to lover era

  36. Azyz 1998

    Who came here after lover

  37. Azyz 1998


  38. 痛疼痛

    Sometimes I wish I was invisible

  39. Danny Boy

    This is what I would probably do if I became invisible

  40. EB games

    When she was making the faces in the mirror tho?? That’s Taylor being herself❤️

  41. Hala Kaddoura

    Taylor with the faces
    Me: ;-;

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