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A dhoban finds a hand in a creek where she was washing clothes. She and other dhobis nearby gather together and summon the police. After an investigation, the police find various parts of this body, and determine it to be that of a young woman. They do not succeed in finding the head of the corpse, and a check with missing persons produces negative results. When Inspector Pyare Mohan, who was assigned to this investigation, receives a threat by an anonymous caller on the phone, he recommends that this file be closed. Then additional evidence surfaces, and the case if turned over to CBI Office Jasraj Patel, who along with his assistant, Gangaram, arrive to take over this investigation. They find out that the corpse is indeed of a young woman, Roshni Choubey. Ms. Choubey comes from a poor family of four unmarried sisters. Ms. Choubey seemed to be involved with several men, including Dr. Kamal Dogra; Mohan Multani; Captain Ajit Verma; and Bhishan Nanda — all of who have a motive for killing her and disposing off her body. Who is the real killer — is the challenge that now faces Jasraj, apart from the telephonic threat that he too has received from the anonymous caller, who could well be the killer.


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  1. formula film, for the young, disappointing for the critics

  2. zabardast acting Nana cr

  3. Nana patekar the great actor no one can act like him .

  4. awesome flim. the suspence was superb….. great writter as well as awesome played by patekar sir

  5. Plz Upload movie VADH of Nana Patekar & Anupama.

  6. add another day of

  7. poor direction and story line,

  8. nana patekar is beautiful actor. actor like patekar, ompuri, nashuruddin made their way in film industry even without charming face.

  9. Although the story was good..but something was missing..the thrill..

  10. wa ge wa kaya bat ha good movie

  11. best but climax is not good

  12. i m ashamed of myself why i was unware of this movie . hats off to movie and nana both .

  13. Telugu short films

  14. pathetic movie.. pls do not waste time in watching it like I did..

  15. bakwaas climax

  16. wa g wa Kya bat ha

  17. Only nana patekars acting is best.

  18. Balle tare yakku pita g.

  19. Drishyam 2015 best suspence movie than all

  20. Great Nana Patekhar

  21. I could have made this movie on my cellphone in my backyard it sucks?!

  22. Awesome and interesting movie of great nana patekhar

  23. India is great I am Indian .

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