ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Official Teaser Trailer
ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Official Teaser Trailer

ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Official Teaser Trailer

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Get your first look at ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY in theaters this December.

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46 отзывов - ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Official Teaser Trailer

  1. In this movie I want to see flashbacks of anakin/vaders story and legacy of how he grew up and why he turned to the dark side I want to see it either as flashback scenes or actual scenes in the movie I want to see exactly how Vader becomes machine as I mentioned in other rogue one videos his Bacta tanks and meditation chambers like how he sleeps takes showers uses the bathroom and his maintenance sessions I want to see the whole Bacta tank scene on how he becomes machine and gets his robotic legs and arms well as I mentioned in other comments

  2. ten bucks says she turns into Phasma. Also Rey is a clone of Luke. If they could get his lightsaber, then they could get his hand. And then there is a message about being your own person which will try to get us to see this new trilogy as unique and not compare it to the other ones. Which will be REALLY hard since the plot was a carbon copy.

  3. SPOILER: they will steal the death star blueprint, so the guys in SW4 will know how to destroy it

  4. Cloaked in 1:19 Darth Jar Jar

  5. How did this movie get done so quickly?

  6. I'm still worried this character may end up becoming another Mary Sue like Rey, but otherwise I'm kind of excited.

  7. Who else got a "Hunger Games" feel when Jen was in the tube thing

  8. This is Rey's mother. Makes perfect sense

  9. I'm going to watch it… just for Felicity Jones & Mads Mikaelson!

  10. My nostalgia is threw the roof right now???

  11. Learn how to Star Wars people. This is not ANOTHER Death star it's from episode 4. +This episode takes place between episode 3 and 4.

  12. so many dislikes..why

  13. THE LEGEND is back…again !!!

  14. For the ppl that think 1.06 is vader. Give me your address please.

  15. I first watched this when it only had 11,000 views.

  16. Fan made trailer is better than this.

  17. Everybody says phasma this phasma that.. but what should I think when the last you see on this trailer its "If you continue to fight…. What Will you become? and later this new girl in a imperial suit… and then you read the tittle: Rogue One…

  18. 1:11 looks like a subway station

  19. Absolutely fantastic!!

  20. I believe the man who thought about making a planet into a weapon instead of making a planet sized weapon should get a raise.


  22. This is the best Rouge One trailer ever created

  23. The siren is scream ing

  24. This comment section is pure cancer, don't scroll down

  25. Who else gets chills from this trailer

  26. Why does the new main character in this movie and the last one to come out have to be female?

  27. will there be a simalar one but in the clone wars

  28. Spolier alert

    Darth vader is in this film

  29. Anyone else excited for Blind IP Man.

  30. Pssst guys and girls the female star is really a young princess Leah

  31. am no se q decir

  32. I hate how Disney has made Empire all evil. Pre-Disney it was much better:
    Empire built huge fleets designed to fight against big enemy ships, not against rebels who only had tiny fraction of a fleet. Empire built huge AT-ATs and recruited millions of stormtroopers, to fight full scale total war. Rebels only had some querilla forces.
    Had Empire prepared to fight against rebels, they would have built fast fighters designed to counter X wings, and fast ships that could hunt down rebels. They would have recruited smaller numbers of elite troops, not millions of fanatical stormtroopers. Why did they do that? And more importantly, why did they build Death Star? It would destroy entire Imperial planet only to get rid of few rebels — why not just send in stormtroopers? And why on earth would Empire build second Death Star after first one had failed?!
    Well, Rebels eventually won the war, and Empire was nothing but mere fraction of it`s former self. And every time it was united under one leader, Admiral Daala, or most famously, the Grand Admiral Thrawn himself, it became close to defeating the New Republic. During time of Yuzhan Vong wars Empire had been constantly getting weaker and weaker. Admiral Gillad Pellaeon realized they had to negotiate peace with New Republic to keep Empire alive. During the war Empire, despite being but a pitiful shell of it`s former self, proved to be very valuable ally to galaxy`s fight against the Yuzhan Vong and their war ships and Planet ships. Yuzhan Vong war resulted in losses counted in billions, and entire planets. Entire planets became uninhabitable, and entire systems were lost and destroyed. Only united forces of Galactic Alliance managed to defeat Yuzhan Vong after a long war. After the war, Galactic Alliance became more and more hostile to Jedi Knights, eventually leading to Jedi leaving the alliance to their own.
    Wait… Planet ships? Death Star had laser powerful enough to destroy planets. Empire had enormous armies and navies, and so did Yuzhan Vong. Can you see it already? Emperor Palpatine knew about Yuzhan Vong invasion. He prepared for it. But not only did rebels defeat the Empire and it`s armies, they also constantly prevented reunification of Empire under geniuses like Thrawn. And when Yuzhan Vong came, rebels were powerless. They did not have any of the super weapons Empire had, destroyed by rebels. They did not have fleets Empire used to have, destroyed by rebels. They did not have soldiers, killed by rebels. They did not have united galaxy, ripped apart by rebels.
    Had rebels never rebelled against Empire, billions of lives and hundreds of planets would have been saved from destruction of Yuzhan Vong war. It is possible Yuzhan Vong may have found Empire too strong to attack against. And Yuzhan Vong were travellling from another galaxy — they were not going to just get reinforcements if they postponed the invasion. Yuzhan vong would have been forced to invade, hope to capture and terraform planets and build their ships there. But with Empire`s might against them, it is unlikely they would have managed to won the war, Empire would have just turned all their super weapons and armadas against most important Yuzhan Vong worlds, and recaptured it.

    So, who were the evil guys? Yes i know that Empire did bad things. But i actually prefer to think of it as nothing but mere rebel propaganda 😉 Glory to Fel Empire, Emperor Fel, and Imperial Knights! Down with the Darth Mouse!

  33. I hope boba is somewhere in there.:) give us a taste

  34. Where rey and finn? Sigh… It's a fake trailer guys don't get your hopes up.

  35. they did it… they killed starwars seriously a ninja with a staff??????

  36. Then the sirens began…
    And I started searching.

  37. The Star Wars fanbase consists of the following teams:

    -Original trilogy Lovers
    -Prequel trilogy Lovers
    -New trilogy lovers
    -Disney haters
    -Disney supporters
    -"Bring back old canon"
    -Fan of everything except Holiday Special

  38. Can anyone please tell me when this movie takes place ??!?

  39. dun dun dun DUH dun dun

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