Rescue From Gilligan’s Island Movie (1978)
Rescue From Gilligan’s Island Movie (1978)

Rescue From Gilligan’s Island Movie (1978)

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Rescue From Gilligan’s Island Movie (1978)


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22 отзывов - Rescue From Gilligan’s Island Movie (1978)

  1. So where did Mr.Howell get glasses from?

  2. So Ginger is basically a manipulative slut.

  3. The new Ginger had a great rack

  4. this is better than 95% of movies today!

  5. I so love Gilligan's Island!!

  6. Never fond of Ginger but, the original was far better…. The new one was kind of a hammy actress.

  7. do you guys think gilligan would have got with ginger or mary anne.

  8. 1:02:34 Hilarious moment with the Professor and the old woman

  9. I smoke lots of weed and eat lots of nachos and cheese.

  10. Why is it that The Skipper & Gilligan always wear their hats, even while sleeping??

  11. i cant understand why ginger an marriane didnt have lots of babies on the island

  12. they should have been rescued in 1969

  13. classic there will ever be another show like this

  14. I cryed like real tears because I was so happy they came back

  15. This was television. Clean, funny and no need for censoring :)

  16. The original Gilligan's Island was out in the 60s and this was in the late 70s. It was obviously geared for a younger audience. Most successful TV shows were geared for the audience of that time period. I don't even think a 60s style TV show would even be popular today because the audience has changed to much, but Gilligan's Island will always live in the hearts of those who watched it as a child.

  17. one of the boys… you have got to be kidding!…she may have seemed like the island bicycle with everyone having a ride but heh =)

  18. And why didn't they report all those people that stranded them all those times?
    Remember that one dude that tried to shoot Gilligan?

  19. Palm trees don't float.

  20. Why did they name the island after that bumbling fool Gilligan?

  21. Oh come on…..the ending is the. Ending back on the island? Well so much for a happy ending

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