Ragga Jungle Mix by Rekon
Ragga Jungle Mix by Rekon

Ragga Jungle Mix by Rekon

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2 Hours of The Best Ragga Jungle

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1. Max Romeo — Chase The Devil
2. Max Romeo — Chase The Devil (Benny Page Remix)
3. Deekline Ed Solo — King of The Bongo
4. Danny Byrd — Planet Earth
5. Filip Motovunski — Sound Of Tha Police
6. Top Cat DJ Panik M-Rode — A Friend In Need
7. Filip Motovunski DJ Rahmanee Feat. Hornsman Coyote — Obidayah
8. Manu Chao — Me Gustas Tu (DnB remix by Alex R)
9. Visionary — Ruling Sound
10. J Majk Wickaman feat TopCat — Casanova
11. Deekline Ed Solo Ragga Tip Walk And Skank
12. Rebel MC Feat Top Cat — Champion DJ (Serial Killaz Remix)
13. Mooncat — Strictly Roots
14. Alix Perez — Dubrock
15. The Wildlife Collective — Pass Out
16. The Wildlife Collective — I Need a Dollar (DB RMX)
17. Milion Stylez — Born In Da System (EPeakRmx)
18. Faction — Tub Dubby mp
19. Ed Solo Deekline Ft. DJ Concept — Ghost Town
20. Wizard ft Daddy Freddy — Bassline Killa (Boom Sound Remix)
21. Ed Solo DJ Deekline — Bad Bwoy
22. Serial Killaz — Good Enough
23. Brains — I love my Sensimilla (Feat topcat)
24. Baga Sound — (Babylon Shall Fall)
25. Candy — Guns Of Brooklyn
26. T.O.K. — My Sound A Champion (Serial Killaz Remix)


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38 отзывов - Ragga Jungle Mix by Rekon

  1. This mix constantly draws me back to it… It brings me so much joy that I still love bass and break beats after all these years. I was legitimately worried that I'd turn into my folks when I got older, thankfully that's not the case.

  2. ^_^Chill Out On Sunday Mix… Nice xD

  3. God damn this is some fine ass tunes right here.

  4. балдею, спасиб за микс)

  5. Deekline + Ed Solo + London party fucking awesome memories! THanks a lot!

  6. 589 picked-up the joint but where so high they touched the dislike button first!

  7. Jungle or no jungle — dis fine compilation unf unf

  8. Nochmal gesagt — TOP Mix alter !!! ^^ Vom style her iss es am meisten "jump up" oder lieg ich da falsch? 😉
    Jedenfalls die fetteste richtung im dnb 😉
    War lange weg…glaub ich bin wieder voll da…einmal dnb freak immer dnb freak ???schauma mal ob ich noch so shaken kann wie früher vor 10 jahren am nächsten event…^^Wennz mich sehts — ich brauch platz am floor gleich vor weg gesagt ???

  9. Die Nummer bei 53:15…Saugeiler Tune! 😀
    Back to DnB sag ich mal an dieser Stelle ^^ Grade ein DnB Hoch bei mir…☺☺☺
    Freu ich mich schon direkt auf das nächste Festl am Bö oda sonst wo… ?☺?

  10. Jungle is DnB? )))

  11. loving this mix..nuff oldskool tunes

  12. Music created for the purpose of spreading peace, understanding and unity and first thing i see when i come listen to it, are people arguing about whether the genre is really this or that.

  13. 575 Jamaicans thought that the dislike button means dis i like.

  14. 1st song I remember from San andreas

  15. can someone tell me what 'ragga' is?

  16. can someone tell me what 'ragga' is?

  17. lol to riderzinc .lmfao nice 1

  18. как можно скачать этот сет!?

  19. enjoyed the whole mix it made my day
    thank you so much for sharing keep blazing peace bro :)

  20. wow, pero que maestro del remix eh. tomar un tema, aumentar los bpm a 120 y agregarle una base cuadrada de fonde. alto reggae eh. una mierda el mix

  21. This is not jungle try serching shy fx if you want raga jungle and not 70s Reggae

  22. oh frikkin rockin banging

  23. Can I just add that jungle is a little outdated now anyway, made in its heyday by outdated synths and software, this is why it's not in the category that you would call jungle because this is more updated more up beat and better to listen to, so to all you jungle cave men out there fuxk Stevie hyper D.

  24. Who cares is its jungle or not, dosent change the fact that it's absolutley fantastic, busy body's need to find something to hate on thats actually worth hating because this is the SHXT, one of the best mixes iv ever heard.

  25. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop calling this ragga jungle, its NOT, is ragga jump up / ragga dnb. This is quite frankly an insult to actual jungle, theres not an amen in sight, Its absolutely fine to like this but stop telling people is fukin jungle.. Its not, i put on jungle events and this would make everyone leave in 5 seconds..

  26. would be nice to find this on Spotify.

  27. oh shit tink just pissed nebourz off with this !!! love n wespect love jimmy {flaveour) dj oxoxoxox

  28. Man i don't usually click on radom mix, but yo shit is fire ! (indeed DNb by the way)

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