Prototype — Opening cinematic trailer [HD]
Prototype — Opening cinematic trailer [HD]

Prototype — Opening cinematic trailer [HD]

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Name — Prototype
Genre — Action
Release date — 10 june 2009
Platforms — PC, PS3, Xbox 360


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  1. That chick is super hot. If I were Alex, I'd keep her alive.. you know, Alex can create a tentacle right? Jk she's cute as well.

  2. I just noticed that Alex at the end of Prototype 2 actually looks like this Alex from the trailer.
    The blade, the arms when they are morphed. wow.

  3. prototype and resident evil crossover will be great

  4. I wonder who would win in a fight Alex mercer vs the hulk and maybe Alex mercer vs kratos from God of war hmmmmm

  5. ı hate this game>:((

  6. too bad they fucked it up with niggertype 2

  7. When you see a guy who just turned his arms and hands into deadly claws, and is taking bullets, you don't run up to him shooting your gun.

  8. I bought my ps3 back in 2009 just for prototype and it is still with me till this day. This is my favorite game of all time it combines all the aspects that i love. An anti hero with superhuman abilities that are cool but not obnoxious like hulk and what not. Had a military vs zombies theme on a massive scale, and the best of all a very deep and very serious story. I. Still remember the excitement that i had when i first saw the opening of the scene. This is truly one of the best games of all time and i pray that someone will pick up the tab with prototype 3 . This title has a lot of potential and i hope Activision realizes it.

  9. what can my best first ever zombie game.I love it either I cannot really say it's zombie or not

  10. what can my best first ever zombie game.I love it either I cannot really say it's zombie or not

  11. dude Alex is much more badass
    than second games hero

  12. You just dont kill someone like 2:11..

  13. ….wheres prototype 3

  14. infected by T Virus??

  15. if i was alex i would have joint the army instead of killing them

  16. why did Alex have to turn bad ???

  17. I'm kinda sad that this series is dead after Prototype 2

  18. Always felt bad for the chick.

  19. Simulator of douchebag 2012

  20. Cant wait for Prototype 3 , and also this game is the best OP free roam game ever

  21. wen you se somewon pull out giant claw hand thingys from….well himslef…and se him chop one of you'r friends in half….you dont shoot at him….you fucking run….and hide. and then hope to god he dose not find you lel

  22. Ni el prototype 2 le llega los graficos al trailer del 1 jajajaja

  23. still waiting for the movie

  24. …ready to learn…another lesson?

  25. Out of all anti heroes in games, Alex Mercer is my personal favorite. All-time would be Deadpool, with Alex sitting on second place. In all seriousness, we need more games like this.

  26. я убивал их и так будит всегда я не ост оно волюся на этом

  27. This is why they need to remake Spawn.

  28. blackwatch looks much better here than prototype 2

  29. I so want this to be a movie :3

  30. I used to have a crush on the girl at 1:56

  31. Such a good game!

  32. One of the best damn games ever made.

  33. Oh ,my friend use to play this game. he would wear the same kind of jacket as the main character.

  34. Kirov reporting, oh, wrong dictatorship, carry on people, nothing to see here!

  35. The one main character who knew they were the antagonist and they were fine with it
    Unlike fucking Infamous

  36. So many games take place in NYC like fuck xD

  37. 1:40 when you find out there's a mewtwo in the area

  38. an fullt animated movie had been Nice of prototype tho Alex dont die in the 2 cuz hes the reall badass

  39. He seriously couldn't have saved the woman before the men shot her? That bugged me about this trailer, idk.

  40. 씨발새끼가 감염자들 처리하는 군인들을 왜죽여 좆같은 돌연변이 썅년이

  41. I always had a crush on that woman when I was small.

  42. i want to have a virus just like alex mercer so i cant get tired fast xD

  43. это видео фейк в первой части что бы использовать использовать когти нужно сменить облык

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