NEW «Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice» Trailer
NEW «Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice» Trailer

NEW «Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice» Trailer

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Here it is! The newest trailer for «Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” — in theaters March 25th, 2016.

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NEW «Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice» Trailer


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49 отзывов - NEW «Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice» Trailer

  1. "Bad history with freaks dressed like clowns." A few months later and it actually happened. We need batman to justice this country. ?

  2. just a question what are the chances of Zack making a Batgirl movie?

    I think that would be an awesome movie

  3. This shits on civil war. this a true superhero movie for the fans

  4. my favourite part of this movie is when wonder woman shows up

  5. Well thats a nice trailer with no spoilers!

  6. I was reading a list of disappointing movies of 2016 so far and I can't believe Suicide Squad, X-Men Apocalypse and The Secret Life of Pets was on that list but this movie wasn't!

  7. Christopher Nolan rule

  8. Ben Affleck should of played both roles. He's an amazing actor — Henry Cavill is Wooden.

  9. A shame the trailer is better than the movie

  10. This is better than the real movie trailer

  11. I don't care what anyone says I freakin loved this movie!

  12. my teacher is in that in the beginning of the trailer at the party he had the orange hair and he was talking to two women

  13. "Is she with you?"

    "I thought she was with you."


  14. The only thing I freaken hate is that wonder woman is in it -.-

  15. Was I the only person who liked Jesse Eisenberg in this?

  16. I think the movie is simply superb except for Jese Eisenberg playing Lex. He tried too hard in the movie, it can be obviously seen.

  17. you know I liked the TC and loved the UE but this trailer is still trash.

  18. That's "Lex Luthor" mmm hmm, and im Indiana Jones

  19. God:

    Best trailer, worse movie

  20. "Maybe it's the… 'Gotham City' in me. We just have a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns." The first time I heard this I went psychotic on my iPad and nearly broke my vocal chords from yelling too loud for 5 minutes.

  21. perhaps this was a disappointing film partly because of trailers and promotional clips which reveal far too much content. By the time the film is released spectators are (unconsciously) over-familiar with the plot (and sub-plot, if there is any). There is barely anything left to discover (narrative-wise).

  22. it was just perfect and full of dramatic parts…and everyone have right to say if something is good or bad

  23. Great film, the way a DC film should be done in my opinion. Dark, dramatic, gritty, presents real themes, great acting (especially Ben Afleck), thrilling action. We're all too spoiled these days in what we want that we criticise way too much.

  24. GTA V version is better

  25. Ultimate edition was a massive improvement. It turned an okay movie into an amazing political, crime thriller, existential, foreboding action sci-fi superhero smackdown! With just the right amount of redemption and tragedy thrown in.

  26. Esta super buena no se la pierdan

  27. this trailer is much better! than the movie.

  28. This was after robin died

  29. Ghostbusters was better

  30. The genius of trailer editing in action: How to make a terrible film look awesome!

  31. More like Batman & Superman than Batman v Superman…

  32. this song is awesome, but does not come on the official soundtrack of the film.

  33. I would have liked Idrissa Akuna "Idris" Elba as lex Luther 

  34. please, the name of the song ???? i really love it

  35. How to watch Batman v Superman for free:
    1- take all the trailers and put them all together
    2- add pointless speeches about how dangerous Supes is
    3- add lines involving God v Man
    4- add more punches, kicks, throwing, grappling, laser beams, flying, etc.
    5- enjoy

  36. Dose superman die or did he survive ?
    cause I thought he was indestructible.
    I was comfussed

  37. The ultimate edition one is better

  38. I've watched the movie and watching the trailer now it gives the whole plot away poorly done

  39. someone please tell me the name of this song

  40. lex was so funny ^^

  41. Every logical person is real life:
    "I hated this movie!"
    Meanwhile on the internet,
    11 year olds keep saying
    Am I the only 11 year old who can tell what's crap and what's good?

  42. superman could have killed batman but it would have been to gorey for TV

  43. Civil War was better

  44. Wonder woman!!! WTF!

  45. film makers have not to do,so make this

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